CPT School Semester Report January – May 2019

Posted on Aug 19, 2019

“Whenever we hear a strong sound, like the explosion of teargas, we keep asking our teachers: ‘Are there any soldiers outside the school?’ We keep wondering: ‘What if that was teargas? How are we going to leave and go back home?’ Once the teargas went inside the school, so we couldn’t stay inside – we had to leave through the windows. We’re never able to focus on what the teacher is talking about during class.” – Ali, 13 year-old student

One young Palestinian told CPT: “Every morning I wake up and ask myself, what can I do to make my day? After a while, I found that education is the way for me to feel that I am achieving something in my life.”

Because of the value that Palestinians place on education, along with the human right of access to education, CPT Palestine has an ongoing commitment to accompany students and teachers and document the human rights violations they face in al-Khalil (Hebron). Constant Israeli military patrols, checkpoints, and settlers in the Old City result in daily human rights violations. Members of CPT document these violations, standing in solidarity with Palestinian efforts to resist the occupation and claim their rights, dignity, and freedom.

In an interview at one of the schools in H2 Hebron, teachers shared some of the struggles that their students face: lack of sleep, feeling insecure, and not being able to focus in class. This school semester report depicts some of the challenges that students and teachers encounter. Read the full report here.