Construction of Our Lady of Mount Center starts in Anjara, Jordan

Posted on May 31, 2016

Construction of Our Lady of Mount Center starts in Anjara

Project Development Office, Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

JORDAN – At the initiative of the Parish “The Visitation of Our Lady”, construction work of a multipurpose center has started in Anjara, Jordan. The project, named after Our Lady of Mount, will serve the parish’s long-awaited purposes and needs.

The project, which is located a few kilometers south of Ajloun, will meet the growing demand for more living space, especially for the children. The young boys are currently staying in the religious community’s house as there isn’t proper accommodation for them to reside in.

The new center will consist of 3 floors. The first floor comprises 10 rooms and 5 bathrooms and will be used by the children. Each room and bathroom will be shared by two and 4 children respectively. The second floor will be the ground floor, which will serve as a reception area for pilgrims and visitors. The floor will also be used to hold meetings, lectures and workshops. The third floor will be the basement and will be used as a multipurpose community hall for various events such as weddings, meetings, plays, etc.

The work, which will be managed and supervised by the Latin Patriarchate Project Service Department in Jordan, is expected to be finished in an 8-month period. It will mainly benefit the children, the religious community, the parish’s employees and the visitors as well as the local community of Anjara.