Welcome, Condalezza


by Fr. Labib Kobti, San Francisco
(As Condelezza Rice goes to the Middle East, I wrote this reflection)
We welcome with great love and big hugs Conde to the Middle East If in her "New Middle East vision" she comes and says:
SORRY to Israel: (and Sorry to the Arabs)
Sorry, the US administrations had used you for many years.
Sorry, for giving you weapons but weapons did not save your children.
Sorry, for giving you money but money did not make you happy.
Sorry, for vetoing UN Resolution because VETO did not give you peace.
Sorry, for supporting you in the Media, but we lied to ourselves and to the world.
Many Israeli and the Palestinians had died and still die.
Many people of the Middle East died and still die
in Lebanon, Iraq...
Sorry for abusing you.
I have said that the Administration (Administrations)
Had committed thousands of mistakes in the past.
I believe that one of the many is:
We killed your children for over 60 years.
We silenced the whole world and kept killing you.
We still make mistakes...
We did not support what is just and fair for you and others.
We did not work for what is right and good for you.
We did not think of your future,
But we thought of our political US interests only.
We thought that we loved you,
That we were protecting you,
That we were building your future,
And the future of the Middle East "A new one".
BUT We did not give peace, prosperity and life,
To you or to the whole "Old Middle East"
Because we could have saved you from death.
We could have let your children smile instead of cry.
Because we see you suffering and all what we did,
Continued to give you weapons, money and veto the UN Resolutions.
Sorry, because we could have listened to our conscience,
And to the conscience of the International Community.
But we did not.
Things became worse for you.
Things became worse for the whole region.
Things did not work for you and for the region.
Radicalism, terrorism was what our mistakes have created.
Sorry, we killed you.
Now I come to correct all this.
We were one of the reasons of your holocaust in the Middle East.
We want to correct that.
We need to work together to give the Palestinians
The right to live in peace,
To have their own country, independent and free, as you have your own.
To have their Territories that you occupied back to them.
To have their own capital and their own life as any other people in the world.
To give them the right of return as we gave it to you.
Then we are sure that your suffering, this time will stop.
Then we are sure that nobody will try to kill you any more.
Then we are sure that terrorism will stop.
Then we are sure that we did the right thing for you.
And the right thing for the Palestinians.
And to the Lebanese, we stopped also yours and their agony.
And we stop the hate against us, and against you.
As we will do,
In pure and rightful conscience,
As rightful and considered broker for all.
And not for one side,
Not for our interest,
But for you and for your future in the region.
Then you will live in peace.
At last in peace and for ever in peace.
The Arab world had committed itself to this.
They committed to have peace with you for ever.
We did not listen to them and we continued to kill you.
And kill them.
Forgive the US.
I come now for good, for a "New Middle East".
We want a "New Middle East",
Yes, where Israelis and Arabs,
Jews, Christians and Muslims will love each other.
Your children will play with theirs, marry with theirs,
Do business with theirs. and live in peace with theirs.
Can you, please, forgive us our arrogance for many years.
Can you please,forgive our blindness for many years.
Can you please, forget that we are the reason of your holocaust.
That we are the one of the reasons of the Palocaust (Palestinian Holocaust)
One of the reason of the Libanocaust, the Iraqicaust.
We looked for our own interests and forgot that,
The others have also their own life and dignity.
We forgot that love means you forget yourself,
That you do all your best for the live,
Happiness, prosperity and future of the One,
That you love.
A "New Middle East" will be born",
Nowadays, we need to show our love
To all people in the region. 
Forgive us, please.
And God bless America


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24 Jul 2006