Christians leaving the Holy land
Septmeber 9, 2007

Après avoir réfléchi, j’ai décidé de répercuter le texte ci-après, écrit en anglais par un catholique palestinien de Bethléem, sur le sujet « Comment aider les chrétiens de Terre Sainte à ne pas émigrer ».


Christians, the living stones of the Holy Land, are actually emigrating in great numbers.
In the building where I live, two Christian families are emigrating on Sunday, 19 August 2007.
 Many others are waiting for the opportunity to arise so as to quit.  I really feel sad whenever I hear about a family that has left or is planning to leave.
 My daughter got engaged to a young man from Jerusalem last February.
They cannot decide on a date for a wedding due to the lack of housing in Jerusalem. This might prompt this young man and my daughter to emigrate as a result of this housing problem for young couples in Jerusalem.   I would appreciate it very much if, through you, a house can be found for this young couple in Jerusalem to settle down and remain in the country.

 F. Louis
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