Christian Peacemaker Team reports from Palestine

Posted on May 15, 2018

Right to Return

Waving Palestinian flags alongside flags with a key representing the right to return, hundreds of Palestinians gather together to peacefully demonstrate. When the Nakba, or catastrophe, occurred many Palestinians fled their homes locking their doors behind them, taking their keys, expecting to return when they were no longer under threat. To this day, they are denied their right to return.



Collective Punishment

Due to exams, schools closed at different times this week. On this particular day, nine Israeli soldiers came out from the checkpoint in response to some boys throwing stones. The soldiers continued moving further and further into this neighbourhood, shooting off 24 stun grenades and 21 tear gas canisters in total. During a brief lull, these children, just released from class, run towards their homes to escape the lingering burn of tear gas. Over the course of two hours, several schools closed and we monitored many children crying from the tear gas and retreating several times as they attempted to leave the area.