Christian Peacemaker Team: Palestine A week in photos August 20 – 27, 2018

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

al-Khalil Women held in administrative detention

Pictured here: A banner showing the six women who are currently held in administrative detention.
On Saturday, August 25th almost 90 people gathered at Ibn Rushd, al-Khalil calling for the release of six local Palestinian women held under Israeli administrative detention. One of the women is a writer and another is a member of the al-Khalil municipality. The  Israeli military is increasingly targeting local nonviolent activists. The previous night Israeli soldiers conducted raids on two homes, issuing written orders for two people to present themselves at the police station within the large settlement of Gush Etzion more than half an hour away from al-Khalil for interrogation.

( August 25 2018)

Any excuse to intimidate
Pictured here: Israelis visit and celebrate at occupied al-Za’atari building :

During Friday prayers a group of approximately 15 Israeli adults and children from outside of al-Khalil/Hebron visited the recently colonised Palestinian al-Za’atari house. Before entering the house they sang and danced on the street as Palestinian made their way to pray at Al-Ibrahimi Mosque. Children of the settler/occupiers from the house later stood at the barricades shouting “Hey Arab” to Palestinian adults walking past the occupied house.

(August 25 2018)

Decorating your own house is illegal!

Pictured here: Local Palestinians’ stopped from decorating homes of those returning from  Hajj, the  Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

For more than an hour, Palestinian families joyfully decorated the external walls of homes of those returning from the Hajj in Mecca (read more about Hajj). While they were celebrating and decorating their homes, a military vehicle containing four Israeli soldiers saw them and stopped their vehicle in front of a Palestinian home. A sergeant approached the group and immediately stopped them from continuing their celebration. For about 15 minutes the group was detained by the side of the road while the soldiers checked their IDs and made phone calls. They were then told it was illegal for them to write on the walls of their homes.

(August 25 2018)

Changing the facts on the ground.
Pictured here: Illegal gardens planted by settler/colonisers in front of Palestinian shops on Shuhada St.

Palestinians have been denied access along most of Shuhada Street since 1994 when US citizen Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinians and wounded over 100 others as they prayed in Al-Ibrahimi Mosque. Following this mass murder, hundreds of Palestinian shops were closed by the Israeli military, many of them permanently welded shut, turning the once thriving Old City into a ghost town. The settler/colonisers along Shuhada Street illegally claim more and more Palestinian owned land and have planted trees and gardens directly in front of some of the closed shops. The buildings are being allowed to deteriorate rapidly and the trees are obfuscating their presence.
(August 25 2018)

Poetic and prophetic.
Words borrowed by one of our former team mates and have become the inspiration for our daily life.