The listenning post

If you stop in front of a post called the "Listenning post" in Ibillin/Israel you will hear the voices of martyres wispering to you: please, stop hatred, please stop any kind of violene, we are the Semites: sons and Daughters of the Same Father Abraham. To listen to those voices you should have in your heart already a great love for a comrehensive justice and peace.

Dear Beloved Abuna Labib,

Thank you for caring about us . The situation is not easy over here. I think that our christian contribution to the peace in the Middle- East should be to introduce the concept of forgiveness -which should mean somehow forgetfulness- towards reconciliation on the basis of justice for the living and for those who are to come, the next generation and their children-

We have at Mar Elias College a memorial for the "holocaust" it is two circular walls facing each other thus making a perfect circle. On each of the walls we engraved a statement : one in Arabic and one in Hebrew. This reads"Memorial for the Palestinian martyrs"and that " Memorial for the Jewish martyrs" the whole place is named "LISTENNING POST" listen to the martyrs. They would say all together with one voice :" ENOUGH MARTYRS"

It is insane to continue with the satanic method: reaction--reaction; violence for violence; teeth for one is time that we introduce the freedom on the One hanging on the cross, I mean our Compatriot , Jesus from Nazareth. The ultimate expression of freedom was expressed while He was hanging on the cross: FATHER FORGIOVE THEM , THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO '

Abuna Chacour