We are equals in theeyes of God

Dear Friends Few months ago we celebrated the Birth of the Prince ofPeace.We were reminded "Do not be afraid.Look,I bring you news ofgreat joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people...a Saviour has beenborn to you; he is Christ the Lord." Lk2/10-11 Today we come backto you , Dear friends , from all over the world, to share with you an othervery good news... Yes ! Despite all the problems and all the obstacles,we proclaim from Jerusalem and from The Galilee, the historical realityand the divine revelation: We have an empty tomb and a risen Lord. Joy? Yes for sure. Trust ? Certainly . Dismissal of fear? Without any doubt...resurgenceof hope despite the present and the upcoming persecutions...We have beenwalking the way of the risen Lord for two thousand years. We have beenso often proclaiming the "good news". We ended proclaiming agood news which the frame and risk is to forget the picture . What is thecontent of that good news? Is it real good news for all or it is at thesame time "bad news" for many ?

W are used to proclaim since the resurrection that there is no moreprivilege for Jews against Gentile, for Man against Woman, for Lord againstSlave. We are all equal. This is the good news for the Gentile, for theWoman, and for the Salve. This was proclaimed in the past. Is it stillnow, in our present day society , the good news for the "Jew",for the "Man", for the "Lord"? Is it good news forthose as to see that their privileges are in reality a misery in the eyesof God ? They need a basic liberation from sorting out themselves and fromaccepting to single themselves out as being different fro0m the others.

We invite everyone and all humans to remember that they were born neitherJew nor Man or Lord, gentile, woman or slave but born BABIES , on the image,and on the likeness of God. The good news is that invitation of all andof every human being to partake in the divine banquet of our common heavenlyFather And King. It is a renewed appeal to all of us to remember that weare followers of a gentile Iraqui from Mesopotamia : Abraham the Patriarche, who was called to become the "Father of the Believers"; whosemessage was delivered and destined for the gentile nations ...

The good news consists in proclaimung the new exciting revelation :God our Father and our King is neither a regional nor a tribal God . Itis over ,for good, with the conception of the Namaan the Syrian or withthe neo-interpretation of the Promised Land:" Woman, believe me thehour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountainnor in Jerusalem...The hour is coming and is now here, when the true worshipperswill worship the `Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father seeks suchas these to worship him" Jn 4:21-27

We believe that the message of Christ , the Man from Galilee, is anappeal to break in to pieces the capsule that imprisonned "God withhis People" and opens the door for God to be with his creation, inorder to join and reflect each other and become a blessing for each other.Yes the creation becomes a blessing for God and God becomes a blessingfor His creation to join and to reflect each other. Yes the Creation becomesa blessing for God and God becomes a blessing for the Creation . Extra-ordinarysymphony of compassion and of love. We wish to greet you with the Byzantineoriental Christians greeting: Christ is risen ! He is truely Risen.

Abuna Elias Chacour

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