Canary Mission is *extremely* serious

Posted on Oct 10, 2018

My name is Ari Kaplan. Last winter I was a college freshman when I got a text saying I’d been put on Canary Mission. It scared me so much I had a panic attack.

Canary Mission is a spooky blacklist that profiles college kids and calls us anti-semitic racists for taking part in Palestinian activism. They want to ruin our reputation so we can’t get jobs. It’s messed up.

Now it’s just been revealed Canary Mission has been secretly bankrolled to the tune of $100,000 by the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.

I don’t care how much anyone wants to support Israel, this is ridiculous! So JVP is starting a petition to the Jewish Federations of North America now demanding they publicly condemn Canary Mission, and commit to never coordinating with or funding it.

Will you join me and add your name?

I’m a white Jewish guy from LA with no immediate family in Israel. After my initial shock — being on Canary Mission hasn’t had a big impact on my life.

But that’s not the norm. For people of color, and especially for Palestinians, this is extremely serious. It’s about not being able to see family. There’s legitimate evidence that law enforcement agencies use Canary Mission. That’s what’s really scary.

Right now a 22 year-old Palestinian American student has been stuck for eight days at an Israeli Airport in part because she’s on Canary Mission, even though she was granted a student visa to do a Masters program there!

Will you join me and demand the Jewish Federation of North America to publicly condemn Canary Mission?

Whether or not you’re on it, Canary Mission affects everyone in the Jewish community. Instead of allowing us to build connections with people who we don’t agree with on Israel/Palestine — it shuts some of us out.

The Jewish Federations of North America should be trying to bring all Jews in America together, not supporting hatred like this — and one of the clearest ways they can do that is by saying ‘no’ to Canary Mission. Add your name if you agree!



PS: JVP and our allies have been helping fight Canary Mission since 2015 – this resource guide has more about why we think they’re so dangerous, what we’re doing to take them on, and who else in this fight you can help support.