Canadian Boat en route to Gaza; reaches Germany

Posted on May 27, 2018

The Freedom Flotilla boat Al Awda (The Return) spent two days in Copenhagen (Denmark) over the weekend, and on Tuesday-Wednesday traveled to Kiel in Germany, where she was greeted by Reiner Braun, co-president of the International Peace Bureau, among other well-wishers.

The first Canadian Boat to Gaza participant, Heather Milton-Lightening from Treaty 4 Territory (Saskatchewan) is currently on board Al Awda (The Return).

Along with three other Freedom Flotilla boats (Freedom, Mairead and Palestine), Al Awda left Kiel (Germany) on Friday and is heading for Wilhemshafen, where they should arrive Saturday evening. Together they will continue their 75 day voyage to Gaza, to challenge and break the illegal Israeli blockade.

Heather Milton-Lightening

The Canadian Boat to Gaza campaign is committed to paying their share of the international Freedom Flotilla budget which this year is $30 000, including the costs of acquiring this hard-working former fishing boat. Donors  have helped raise amounts much larger than that in the past. Will you help us fund our contribution now? You can donate by e-transfer (Interac, from Canada accounts only), mailing cheques or money orders, or online.

Israel has maintained an illegal, inhumane and destructive blockade on Gaza for over a decade. The United Nations now says that Gaza will become uninhabitable by the year 2020 because of the Israeli blockade. In response to the brutal Israeli blockade, for seven years the Freedom Flotilla Coalition has carried out non-violent direct actions aimed at raising international awareness and putting pressure on the international community to end the blockade.

“We sail this year for the right to a just future for Palestine. Children and minors, who make up more than half of the Gaza population of over 2 million, are victims of the ongoing blockade, which has robbed them of their childhood; their rights to safety, education, and health; and their prospects for a decent future. We will continue to put pressure on our governments and protest their complicity with Israel’s crimes against humanity. We sail again to stand with the Palestinians of Gaza, as they demand their freedom of movement and their right to a just future in their land. But we can only do it with your generous support. Our campaign needs your support to pay our share of the boat that the Freedom Flotilla is sailing against the blockade of Gaza and for a the Right to a Just Future for Palestine. Make out cheques or money orders to Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid and send them to:

Canadian Boat to Gaza
PO Box 1950, London Stn. B
London, Ontario N6A 5J4