Why they depicted The Virgin Mary with a head of Cow



I got a message on July 13th, 1997 from Fr. Elie Kurzom, the secretary of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nazareth, Israel, Most Reverend Boulos Giacinto Marcuzzo telling me about what the Galileo, an Israeli scientific magazine did to the picture of the Holy Mother.

You can access it at:http://www.assennara.com/s895/s2.htm

The article that comment against it, is writtin in Arabic by a known Arabic News papers Assennara. The article speaks about the outrage of the Catholic, Orthodox hierarchies about the depicting of Virgin Mary ikn this way and the use of a known religious Icon in that way.

Galileo the Jewish scientific Magazine which published that image of the Virgin Mary with a head of a cow, pretend that they only used it as an image of a child with his mother and as an example of future cloning that could obtain from both animals and humans.

When asked why they used this religious image in particular, the author of the Galileo Jewish magazine answered that their intention was purely scientific and that they apologize.

Please see the picture, when you access the URL mentioned.

Please, pray for Peace, for Justice and STAND with the TRUTH.

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