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How Al-Bushra is providing all this work and who is financing it?



Al-Bushra was first a Magazine. Al- Bushra quarterly Magazine with 5.000 copies (Some Al-Bushra magazines)

I, Father Labib Kobti, a priest from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, sent by his Beatitude Patriarch Michel Sabbah, to serve the Arab-American Roman Catholic Community in California, was financing alone the work of Al-Bushra Magazine and paying it through my Visa and American Express.

Some people were helping me to pay some of the costs. I was sending 5.000 copies all over the USA, Canada and Over Seas. It was costing me $12,000. I was working 90% of the typing in Arabic and English. This put down the cost to $12.000 for 5.000 copies that I was sending gratis.

After three years, I found myself unable to continue the work  of Al-Bushra magazine. I have accumulated $40.000 of debt to pay on Visas and American Express. I wrote to the list of friends who used to receive the Magazine. I received some $3000 as support.

I stopped the magazine in 1997. As I could not continue.
At that same time I have started my website, (Al-Bushra website) on November 1998.
The website,  in fact, was less expensive of a magazine, because some friends came and sponsored the work of a website.
You can find their name on Al-Bushra website under Sponsors.

I continued to finance the work of the Website with the help of wonderful people, but it is not easy.

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Friends of have subscribed to some of our different emailing list at:
They are all over the world: the Americas, Japan, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arab world. They stand with one heart: Pro TRUTH, PRO JUSTICE & PRO PEACE.
They believe that only the Truth can lead to Justice and Justice should bring PEACE.
They do not stand pro anybody or against anybody.
They are just Pro what is true, right, fair at the service of Human rights and peace.
They renounce any kind of anti-Semitsm or violence of any kind and call for non-violence.
They particicpate in different way with their own people to promote cooperation, sharing and love.
They are from different faith and secular people.
Projustice, pro-peace and pro-turth is not only the work of people of faith it is the work of people of good will.

Al-Bushra friends help each other, try to cooperate and reconnect people to their land of origin, to their old families, friends, teachers, neighbors....

The Website is costing not as much as the magazine. At the same time Al-Bushra, as it is trying to serve the cause of Justice, Peace and TRUTH, is working on the things that fellows:
(We cannot stop, others will take the lead. Our people deserves that we work and serve them at any cost, the time is URGENT, the Holy Land and our people is in danger)

1- I am extending the work of Al-Bushra in buying other domains and website, with the help of some generous friends, so as to serve the Church of the Holy Land and the Middle East. Al-Bushra has already around 40 domains.

2- I am educating on the TRUTH of what is happening on the ground of the Holy Land and the Middle East.
It is a HUMAN RIGHT WORK, we feel that the Lord is calling us to do that. Visit UPDATES

2- I am financing, as much as I can, the visit of Journalists and Editor of Magazine to go to the Holy Land, to stay in a hotel and providing them all what they need to see on the ground the TRUTH. 
Because educating the Public American Opinion is our most important work. I have done this in the past and I will continue to do it.

3- We are helping needy families in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and as well Arab-Americans in the USA, providing to them schoolong sponsorship, moeny to defray their needs for food and education.

4- I am helping some students in Palestine, Jordan, Iraqis to write for Al-Bushra.
I provide them with books that we got permission to publish on our Website: like Bloodbrothers of Fr. Elias Chacour, The Directory of the Church of the Holy Land and many others.
They send to me what they have typed by Email, I pay them by checks and I edit the work on the website.
This will give them the chance to earn their life and help their needy families.

5- We try to serve the needs of people all over the world.
Arab people living in different countries lost their friends and families, Al-bushra is a website that want to help people to find each other. Write to us and we will find your beloved.
We will answer also the questions that you ask us concerning any subject.

6- We need to rent a special office for Al-Bushra in the USA. Any donation for a house, room, office will be gratefully and highly appreciated.

We put the Websites under the protection of our Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.
See Our Lady of Al-Bushra
See our Lady of Palestine
See our Lady Of Lebanon

We are encouraged by our superiors and many many friends. Al-Bushra won a lot of awards,
Please visit: AWARDS

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1- If you are interested on our work?

2- If you do believe on our mission?

3- If you really want us to continue and extend our work?

4- If you want to be a friend of

You can help us by sending a donation of some $5 or $10 a month or anything you want; any donation will help us. See address below

We are not trying to add anything on you. Al-Bushra is a nonprofit and does not want to make money at all.

You can also buy for us other domains (Website), pay some of our bills.

As well you can donate offices, house, room in USA or volunteer for the work of Al-Bushra.

Any suggestion could help us to serve the Holy Land and the Middle East is gratefully appreciated.

Here is our bank account: St. Thomas More Church (1300 Junipewro Serra Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94132):

Bank of America

Account # 07691-08979

Our Address is:

St. Thomas More/ AACC / Al-Bushra
1300 Junipero Serra Blvd.

San Francisco, CA 94132

Thanks a lot, pray for us,

God bless you,

Fr. Labib Kobti

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