Benjamin Ladraa who walked from Sweden to Palestine will be in the USA until December

Posted on Sep 8, 2018

Benjamin Ladraa, 25 is a pro-palestine activist from Sweden. He had been working for the Red Cross and other activities also and studying. He left his study and work place to take the road of 4800km from Sweden to Palestine on August 15, 2017. The goal of the walk is to shine the light, bring attention of the situation in Palestine and to motivate more people to do something about the occupation.


My name is Benjamin Ladraa and I’m a human rights activist from Sweden. I’ve just walked to Palestine from Sweden spending eleven months on road walking 5000 km through thirteen countries. I did this journey in order to raise awareness about the human rights violations in Palestine.

Now that I’ve finished the journey I’m planning on doing a speaking tour where I share my experiences from Palestine, talk about the human rights situation there and about the journey I did. I’m coming to the US in September and will stay until December giving talks and lectures and would very much like to give talks at as many venues as possible. I’m only me however so I need some help with organizing speaking events. I hope you’re interested and I’d love to meet up when I’m there and do an event with you if possible.”

Phone/Whatsapp: +46768070861
Facebook: Benjamin Ladraa
Instagram: Walktopalestine
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