Because Israel will not protect Palestinian children, we must.

Posted on Aug 3, 2018

Defense for Children International - Palestine

The first half of the year has been troubling to an organization like ours that puts “the best interest of the child” at the center of its work. The U.S. Embassy move in May sent a message to Palestinian children in Jerusalem that their living conditions are not a priority to leaders in Israel or the U.S.

As clashes broke out across the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Israeli forces showed little restraint toward children, arresting them and using unjustifiable levels of force.

There has been a sickening rise in the numbers of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces. In just the past three months, Israeli forces have killed 22 children whose names and faces we will not soon forget.

Israeli forces have killed 22 children in the past three monthswhose names and faces we will not soon forget.

To confront mounting challenges, we have launched two campaigns. We invite you to join both.

No Way to Treat a Child Campaign

On June 25, DCIP and the American Friends Service Committee hosted a congressional briefing on the situation of Palestinian children under military occupation and the impact of recent U.S. policy decisions. Staff from at least 58 congressional offices heard about the first-ever bill on Palestinian human rights in Congress, H.R. 4391.

The bill says U.S. funds should not be spent on torture and other severe rights violations against Palestinian children in Israeli military detention. Introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) with nine co-sponsors last November, it now has 29.

To expose the widespread and systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system, we need you to take action.

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The Other Jerusalem Campaign

Jerusalem’s Palestinian children live in a separate and unequal city. Discriminatory policies and spending mean basic services predictably fall short of needs. As a result, classrooms are overpacked and garbage piles up in the streets. Meanwhile, the threat of residency revocation constantly hangs over their heads.

Spanish NGO Mundubat and DCIP have launched a campaign calling on the European Union and United Nations to take urgent action to end and hold Israeli authorities accountable for systematic and deliberate discrimination against Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Sign the petition to end discrimination in Jerusalem ››

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