A “School of Joy” in Beit Sahour

Posted on Mar 29, 2019

Thanks to the support and encouragement of the academic staff at the School of Joy in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem, seventy-two young students with special needs receive their primary education. A school that considers their mental and physical problems.

Fr MAMDOUH ABU SADA Director School of Joy “School of Joy was founded in 1998 and its name means to bring joy to the hearts of students and their families. We are trying to change the educational and academic way of life. The reason for choosing a group of female teachers is because we need them to be like mothers to the students.”

The school seeks to develop the skills of these students as well as to increase their academic level according to their age and health status.

“We need special methods because they are not average students; they can’t sit around for a long time, so I use methods to make them play and develop their minds. I learned patience from them and I learned to love kids.”

The school deals with these children with suitable methods and educational means: colours, papers and clay are also used in various activities. In an educational atmosphere of joy, this school carries out its humanitarian and educational mission despite the obstacles.

Fr MAMDOUH ABU SADA Director School of Joy “Financial support is the first challenge for us because these students are poor. There are also other challenges, such as those faced by teachers, which we try to overcome, especially when they do not have the skills to deal with children with special needs. We, therefore, ask the Ministry of Education to provide courses of study in universities for special education.”

School of Joy also offers students’ mothers the opportunity to work in the school’s embroidery centre and sell their products to provide them with a subsidy that meets the needs of their families.