A Report from East Jerusalem

Posted on Mar 14, 2020

Adam Keller sends the following report on activity in East Jerusalem:

In recent weeks, contacts have taken place between residents of the Issawiya neighborhood and the city municipality in the hope that many years of official harassment of the neighborhood will be replaced with positive processes that will enable a safer and fairer life for its inhabitants. However, the Jerusalem District Police has been sabotaging such contacts and aims to preserve the regime of terrorizing and brutalizing the residents.

During the past week, a Border Policeman fired a sponge projectile at a 16-year old boy inside the school yard, and another projectile was fired at a 10-year old boy who was in his home balcony.

On Saturday, March 7, large police forces, Border Police and Special police forces entered the neighborhood in the afternoon, blocked the entrances to the area, held a checkpost in the center of the neighborhood and made vast use of sponge and teargas projectiles inside populated areas. In the evening hours Israeli activists were summoned once again to hold presence vigils in the neighborhood. Ten minutes after the activists faced the police and began documenting its activity, the forces left.