A Reader Comments on Uri Avnery’s “Strong as Death” Article

Posted on Jun 3, 2018

There are some errors and omissions in Uri Avnery’s account, posted on June 1st, entitled “Strong as Death“.

  • He fails to mention that immediately after Hamas had won the elections certified as free and fair by President Jimmy Carter, Israel jailed one-third of the Hamas political party representatives.
  • He sometimes incorrectly terms Israel’s aggression on Gaza as a “response.”
  • His erroneous belief that there were no takers for the non-violent Martin Luther King (MLK) approach (advocated by Palestinian/American clerical supporters of MLK,) indicates that he needs to read Archbishop Elias Chacour’s books, Blood Brothers and We Belong to the Land.

Nonetheless I do recommend reading his article. Uri Avnery is an Israeli who has been around a long time and has some interesting things to say that are much more informative than what you read in the New York Times et al.