Schindler's List Revisited

26 Aug 97


by David McLau (as posted to an internet discussion group) August 27th,1997

In light of the limited amount of territory now under Palestinian Authority control, and the probability that it may not result in much more, and also in light of the current collective siege now imposed by Israel since the July 30th bombing ,I thought that I would be entiltled to make the following comparison to the plight of the Jews durring the early part of World War II. Keep in mind that the siege of Bethlehem ,as I speak, is now almost total with no one getting in or out, with access roads having been torn up by Israel and the city surrounded by barbed wire.

The seven Palestinian cities which now are under PA control are nothing more than seven Warsaw style ghettos similiar to Warsaw Poland from 1939 to 1943, where the Nazis had rounded up all of the Jews and herded them into this area surrounded by barbed wire and SS troups, where they were kept prior to Hitler's final solution, and before being transfered to concentration camps. Durring this time the Jews were even allowed their own Jewish Copos to administer and maintain order within the ghetto. They were even allowed to leave durring the day to go to factory jobs outside the area. They even finally staged a violent rebellion in the Warsaw ghetto against this treatment, just like Palestinians are doing now , as with the Intafida and the violent bombings. The movie, Schindler's List documented this terrible crime very well. So, the next time you see this movie , just remember that these jews who suffered so bad are now doing exactly the same thing to the Palestinians which they now have under siege.

Remember the last sceen of Speilburg's movie where the survivors are all trecking off toward Palestine ? Wouldn't this make a great start for the sequal . I wonder if Stephen Spielberg has thought about this. In fact, does anyone have his E-mail address ? I want to send him a copy of this post. Perhaps he will make a sequal, call it "Schindler's List Revisited---- The Glory Years" !!! It could document the formation of Israel- "The Shining Light Among Nations" and trace the continued lives of people on Schlindler's list and how they put those Palestinians behind barbed wire. The movie's opening shot could be these same Jews pushing giant spools of barbed wire outside Bethlehem, and digging up the roads, really working up a good sweat.

David McLau

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