All countries should be equal infront of the same law

By Cystal a friend of Al-Bushra

November 27, 1997

Dear friend,

Palestinians are asking the USA to press Israel to respect the signed agreeements at the White House and respect the letters that the Administrations of Bush, Clinton1 have sent to the P.A to assure that they are working as honest Broker.

Those agreements prove that what they are doing is not a favor to the Palestinians and disfavor for the Israelis, but steps to implement more justice (not comprehensive Justice) on the issues of the Plaestinian Cause.

When the Clinton 2 started to see the Israel settlements especially at Har -Homa/ Abu-Ghneim in East Jerusalem and other settlements as legal, to speak about disputeds Territories and not Occupied Terrritories, and accepted the security for Peace of Netanyaho and vetoed the UN resolutiuons, it showed clearly that they do not beleive on the Justice of the International Community who voted for the Resolutions that the USA denied.

Today the USA is showing that for Iraq the UN resolutions and her ideas should be implemented in the name of the International community when not all the international community are accepting what the USA is doing to IRAQ. On the contrary all the international community were and are trying to condemn what Netanyaho is doing against the implementation of the agreements, onhly three contries were against (Israel, USA and A small unknown island), when also the USA is not making a serious pressure on the Israelis in the name of the same international community.....

About the airports and ports you cannot have a soveignity of a people if people cannot go out of his own villeges and cities without the permission of the Israelis, the Palestinians feel that they are in a very big jail on their own country 2% of the total 100% that should be returned to them as OCCUPIED TRưERRITORIES since 1967... the June-July closures of the Palestinians terrtories proved that the Palestinas are in big concentration camps....

The only positves Changes that could serve the cause of *TRUTH* is when the USA treat the Israelis in the name of the International Community as they are treating the Cubans, Lybia, Sudan, Iraq and many other countreis of South America, the USA cannot be a country that seak justice, peace and truth when it is selective in its way of treating people and countries and implementing selective resoltutions of the UN.

All countries should be equal infront of the same law and be treated the same. The USA should be in favor of JUTICE, PEACE AND TRUTH (the Al-Bushra slogan) if the USA is serious in dealing with the issues of the world.