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July 11,1997

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To Al Bushra Bravo for the article by Fr. Peter Daly on the situation of Palestinians.

As a Roman Catholic Lawyer and Professor of International Human Rights who has been in the Holyland three times in recent years and examined Israel-Palestine from top to bottom from a human rights standpoint, I affirm the observations of Fr. Daly.

The Palestinians are constantly being denied their human rights under treaties expressly accepted by Israel and the media in the USA have largely painted an incorrect, biased view of the situation. We must condemn all acts of violence against Israelis but must be adamant about Israel respecting the human rights of Palestinian, both Christian and Muslim.

Most Americans do not realize their (and their government's) blind and unquestioning support of Israel is in fact helping Israel create conditions for the demise or at least disappearance of the Christian Church in the land of Jesus.

My views are based on my own eye and ear witness observations in Israel, the West Bank and OT, my consultations with Christian Church leaders there, e.g. His Beatitude Michel Sabah, and my knowledge of International and Comparative Human Rights Law. Fr. Daly's remarks are correct as a matter of fact and appropriate in light of contemporary international human rights legal standards binding upon Israel, standards which were largely (and ironically) a reaction to the Holocaust.

US policy re: Israel is guided mostly by geopolitical self interest resulting from heavy pro-Israeli lobbying, and not for by principles of protection of inherent human dignity, which is what human rights are all about.

Peace to All in the Holyland. Jesus is Lord! Alleluia!

Dr. H. Victor Conde Irvine, California

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