What is the TRUTH?

From Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)

The goal of U.S. policy should be the achievement of a lasting peace.

Forwarded message: From: (Betsy Barlow) 97-07-01

1- The failure to prevent construction of Har Homa is a particularly discouraging defeat for Palestinian Christians and their partners in the United States. Since 1994, the prevention of Har Homa has been a priority objective of both the Palestinian and U.S. Christian communities. The Christian community in Bethlehem, dependent on tourism and cut off from Jerusalem, is losing all hope other than emigration.

2-The closure of Jerusalem has seriously damaged Palestinian institutions, separating them from their staff and those they serve.

3- The situation is untenable for the Christian schools and hospitals and could force their demise.

4- The revocation of Jerusalem IDs and residency rights of Palestinians is a practice clearly intended to alter permanently the demographic character of the city in support of Israel's exclusive claim.

5- Reconciliation and an enduring peace between the Palestinians, Israel, and the Arab states is only possible through a peace process with integrity, one that upholds equally the rights of the parties in conflict, protects those who are vulnerable as the negotiations unfold and preserves the goal of peace throughout the process of peacemaking.

6-The threat of terrorist attack pervades daily life in Israel, killing not only innocents but the will and hope for peace with the Palestinians. It is understandably a matter of the highest priority for the Israeli security services to prevent such attacks. However, the legalization and institutionalization by either Israel or the PA of torture, even for such purposes, cannot be accepted or justified.

7- Additionally, the practice by Israeli authorities of humiliation, provocation and degrading treatment of Palestinians is widespread and fosters the perpetuation of hatred and hate-filled rhetoric by Palestinians.

8- The goal of U.S. policy should not be the signing of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians; rather, the goal should be the achievement of a lasting peace.

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