10 years since start of intifada

December 1, 1997

By B'Tselem (btselem-l@netgate.net)

Sent to Al-Bushra from: Betsy Barlow <bbarlow@umich.edu>

Here is a statistical retrospective that you might want to send to the Secretary of State or members of congress, emphasizing the message that it is time for peace, and that the US should insist on withdrawal, no more house demolitions or land confiscations.

Today, Tuesday, 9 December 1997, marks ten years since the start of the intifada, the Palestinian uprising in the Occupied Territories. B'Tselem issued a document which contains data on various aspects of the human rights situation in the Occupied Territories over the past ten years as well as a graphic presentation and analysis of these data.

During the Past Decade:

* 1,346 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security force personnel, including 276 children, and 162 Palestinians killed by Israeli undercover forces;

* 133 Palestinians were killed by Israeli civilians;

* 256 Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinian civilians, including 18 children;

* 127 members of the Israeli security forces were killed by Palestinians;

* 481 Palestinians were deported from the Occupied Territories;

* Tens of thousands of Palestinians were tortured during interrogation;

* 18,000 administrative detention orders were issued;

* At least 447 houses were completely destroyed as a punitive measure;

* At least 294 houses were completely sealed as a punitive measure;

* At least 81 houses were completely destroyed during searches for wanted persons;

* 1,800 houses, at least, were destroyed due to lack of building permit;

To receive the full document, contact B'Tselem: btselem-l@netgate.net.

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