What is the TRUTH?

Hello everybody

From Azzam Abdo

Sat, 19 Jul 97

I just came from the middle east. I was in Jordan and in the occupied land. I thought I will share some of my observations with you.

1. The people in general accepted the existence of “Israel”. The question there is not whether “Israel” has the right to exist, the question is whether “Israel” will be good enough to accept peace and give some freedom and economic stability to the people.

2. The people in general are in despair. The situation in their views goes from bad to worse. No hope short of a miracle that they do not believe in. They believe that the leaderships in the entire region whether it is new or old act in the same manner. The rulers and their likes love their positions and will do every thing possible to stay in power at the expense of their own people.

3. The people see no alternative to the present miseries they are in. Their hope is placed in the leadership of “Israel”. The people believe the present rulers in the region have as much power as house wife has in her home in the old days. The rulers simply are working hard to please their masters who can not and will not be pleased. The more they give, the more their masters want.

4. The people believe that there are many changes in the structure of the society. The love for wealth at any cost, the love for material objects, the love for fame, ...... are unprecedented in the history of the region. “KIBR” Pride is the driving force behind many activities taken. Little is done for Allah SW.

5. Ignorance is spreading as fast as a fire in a hay stack. People knowledge is on the decrease and the sad part of it is that they do not even know that. It is one thing that you do not know and you know that you do not know; But it a great disaster when you do not know and you do know that you do not know.

6. In general the new generation is morally bankrupt. I believe raising a child in the US today is easier than raising them there. At least here you can explain the reason for the difference in behavior and morals. There, what can you say to your children.

7. Unemployment is very high, the cost of living is going higher and higher by the day. The people are getting poorer everyday and the leadership is giving empty promises.

Finally let me share this sad story with you . During my earlier visit to Indonesia, One Muslim told me that the Chinese are controlling the country even though they are less than 3% of the population. He figured that the only different between the Chinese and the Indonesian Muslims is their Diets. Both groups go to the same schools, live in the same neighborhood,...... yet the Chinese will always surpass his fellow Muslim. As a result he decided with many others to follow the Chinese diet. The diet include a great deal of Pork consumption. This man is not the only man. Many are doing the same. They are trying to find themselves. They are trying to be what they are not.

What is the alternative? Is there one? What can we do? Should we do anything? How can we help?

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