GENEVA, Apr. 2, 01 ( - Injustice in
Israeli courts and serious cases of violence against
helpless Palestinians by Israeli settlers in the occupied
territories were among charges leveled by Pax Christi
International in a report presented yesterday to the UN
Human Rights Commission, meeting in Geneva. Pax Christi is
demanding an international inquiry into the matter.

Julia Stuckey, Pax Christi permanent delegate to the UN
Human Rights Commission said that since December 28,
"Israeli settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have
organized themselves better and intensified acts of
violence against Palestinian civilians, fanning the spiral
of violence. Also, Palestinians have committed acts of
violence against the settlers."

But, Pax Christi reports, Israeli justice is not just: "On
January 21 an Israeli settler found guilty of killing a
12-year-old Palestinian boy was given six months hard labor
and told to pay $17,500 compensation. The same day a
Palestinian youth who tried to stab an Israeli settler was
given a six and a half year prison sentence."

Given the situation, Pax Christi called on the
international community to "pressure Israel to stop
discriminatory measures in the occupied territories and to
respect international law concerning equality before the
law." The report continued, "Israel must guarantee security
for Palestinian civilians and their property in areas under
its control. The international community must apply
resolution 1322 taken by the UN Security Council, regarding
the setting up of an independent international inquiry
commission, and also establish an international monitoring
force to protect the Palestinian people from blind use of

In the last few months, the report presented to the United
Nations Human Rights Commission says, "Israeli settlers
have killed at least seven Palestinians, shot and injured
at least 39, and beaten at least 11, while there are 48
reports of stone-throwing, relating to at least 98 people
attacked and injured more or less seriously, as well as 48
attacks on property, including the uprooting of olive
trees; moreover the bodies of four Palestinians were found
on farm property in mysterious circumstances."

Lastly the Pax Christi report states that the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights and relative conventions have
all been ratified, as well as conventions on civil and
political rights, by the state of Israel.