What we would ask from the USA
October 9, 2000

 We do not ask the United States of America and its citizens to be friend to the Palestinians and speak in their behalf.

We do not ask them to take any military measures against Israel

We simply ask them to honor the principles upon which their nation was founded, those of truth, human decency, integrity and honor.

We just ask them to be pro-TRUTH and PRO-JUSTICE.

We ask the United States of America:

1) To respect the UN Resolutions that they have signed and accepted.

2) To be democratic in the International Arena. When 14 countries, many of them allies of the US, stand for the TRUTH regarding
 Palestine and the Middle East, the US should not abstain from voting or veto the UN resolutions. They should use their vote responsibly, in accordance with the principles of a free and democratic nation and in the good faith upon which the UN was founded.

 3) To be diplomatic. To not perpetuate every Israeli word as truth  while ignoring the human rights claims of the other side.

 4) To stop putting undue pressure on one side and encouraging the other side

5) To stand for the right of Children to live dignified lives. ALL children are gifts from God, and all are equal. We understand that the US protects and cherishes its children. Both Israelis and Palestinians should be allowed to do the same. If the US cannot
defend the God given rights of all children, then they should refrain from defending the rights of any children internationally.

 6) To respect the right of return to all refugees to their homeland. Again, if the US is going to defend the rights of some refugees, but  not others, then they should obey principle and not defend any  refugees internationally.

7) To stop financing and militarily equipping countries which use  the funds and weapons against their neighbors and those whose
 countries they occupy. The gift of weapons empowers oppressors to  impose their will on the oppressed.

 The USA did not want to mention Israel in the last UN Resolution, which they abstained from. We did not mention Israel. We simply  asked the United States of America to be FAIR, JUST, AND PRO-PEACE.

 The world and history will judge the United States of America and  its citizens. Condemnation will be the final judgment if they do not  stand now for the same rights for others, which they have claimed as inalienable for themselves.We do not ask the US to assist us in our struggle. We merely ask that they respect our right to determine our  own future, that they seek and support JUSTICE AND TRUTH, just as  they would in their own country, and that they recognize the rights  of ALL people, not just some.

And if we mention Israel we would say:

1. The Israeli government persistently and unilaterally confiscates lands belonging to the Palestinians, offering the Palestinians no legal means of redress for this injustice.

2. The Israeli government has built and continues to build thousands of illegal permanent dwellings in the Occupied Territories and Gaza for Jewish "settlers," in contravention of international law which prohibits such permanent dwellings in occupied territory.

3. The Israeli government refuses to grant permits to Palestinians to build badly needed housing for their families, then demolishes homes which have been built without these unavailable permits.

4. The Israeli government is engaged in a major action to demolish hundreds of Palestinian homes in the West Bank which lie too close to Israeli settlements and/or Israeli settler roads.

5. The Israeli government is engaged in an action which could best be described as the "ethnic cleansing" of Arab East Jerusalem by depriving many Palestinians of their permits for living there, confiscating their IDs, demolishing their houses...

6. The Israeli government maintains an ongoing "closure" of the West Bank which daily prohibits Palestinians from entering Jerusalem for purposes of work, worship, hospital, education or commerce. Due to these travel restrictions Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims have regularly been prohibited from participating in important religious celebrations which take place in Jerusalem. And due to these same restrictions Palestinians have at times died in medical emergencies while being stopped at checkpoints on their way to medical facilities.

7. The Israeli government engages constantly in acts which serve to harass and humiliate the Palestinian population which it "occupies." Such acts of harassment and humiliation range from verbal insults and indignities addressed to the Palestinians by Israeli soldiers to detention at Israeli checkpoints to physical assaults on unarmed civilians.

8. The Israel government are shooting and killing on civilians and demonstrators who have the right by international law to resist Occupation.

9. The Israeli government is refusing and international INVESTIGATION to say all the truth on what is happening in the Occupied Territories

10. The Israeli government is refusing the right of the Palestinians to come back to their own homes and town, when at the same time claiming the right of the Jews to come to Palestine after 2000 years.



Because of this we, as good American people are deprived to go in vacation to different countries. A friend told me I prefer to have a Canadian, Russian, Mexican...Passport than an American one...
As an American I am regarded as a person who only looks to destroy others.


Fr. Labib Kobti
Al-Bushra (www.Al-Bushra.org)