We killed first ...
Nakba Day May 15, 2001
By Abouna Labib Kobti

And a settler said to another Jew: You should not say that!
Why shouldn't I say that this Land belongs to the Palestinians?
Why shouldn't I say that we cannot grab and build anywhere?
Why shouldn't I say that we are demolishing their houses?
Why shouldn't I say that we are killing them?

Because they are killing us replied the good settler!
If we did not claim their lands as ours!
If we did not call on all the Jews to take Palestinian lands!
If we did not deny them to come back after we throw them out!
If we respected the UN Resolutions ...
We stole from them first.

Just stop, you are exaggerating said the good settler
I am not but saying the truth.
And some people fear ashamed of the TRUTH!
Zionism just wants to destroy the truth.

If we did not destroy over 400 villages.
And continue to do that ...
If we did take over 80% of their best lands!
We used all kind of weapons ...
And their rightful resistance, we called terrorists ...
If we respected the International Law ...
We killed them first.

Please stop don't say anything more.
They are killing us also ...
But Israel killed first?
I see that the truth is hurting your ears.
And you do not want to see more about our atrocities.

Don't you see that for our security.
We take all their security and life ...
Don't you see that for our settlers.
We gave a green light to our IDF ...
They abuse them in every way.
Don't you see that to go everywhere, anywhere.
We jailed them, and created all kinds of check points.

Don't you see that to have jobs ...
We made from them our slaves.
Don't you see that to have food, water and air
We denied them air, food and water.

We denied them dignity and pride.
We refused to see in them human beings.
We killed them first ...

And the good settler looked back, thought and said ...
We did not know that we were taking the Palestinian lands.
Israel said: We give you a home, a garden, a job, money
And said: Just live in this settlement, we will protect you.
They gave schools to our children, they promised a future.

They said: You do not need to make military service.
We will give you weapons for self defense.
You do not need to fight Arabs, we will fight for you...
Just live there, grab more lands and we will help to build.
Make children, bring brothers and sisters, uncles and cousins.
And we will protect you with our army.

We took their lands.
We prohibited them to come near their farms.
We uprooted their olives.
We built ways to our settlements through their belongings.

Yes, we stole first and killed first.
We killed them first.They are killing us now.
They resisted against our different way of killings...
We taught them how to kill ....
They wished to have nonviolent actions ...
They took stones ... we killed the stone throwers ...

We denied their human rights first.
We bulldozed their houses first...
We threw them out of their lands first.
We brought Jews from everywhere to settle in first.
We  killed them first.
They are killing us now.

He said we did not know that we were killing.
The past, the present and their future.
Their dreams, their hopes and their souls ...

We thought we were erasing from our memory our past.
We were building the present for them and for us.

And he said: Israel lied to us; Israel  killed us.
They took their lands, they killed them.
They gave us Palestinian land, they killed us.
They made from us monsters.
They made from them monsters.

We want peace, we want peace.

Israel stop killing us.
Stop killing them.

They are our brothers and sisters in Abraham.
We need to give them back their lives.
We need to give them back their pride.
We need to give them their land.

And the good Jew chanted with pride ...
Not in our name ... Not on our name ...
If we did not kill first ...
They will not kill then...

We need to be faithful to Masada
Killing will not honor the history of Jewish suffering.

In killing, in stealing ...
We are just killing our history and our future...
We are killing ourselves ...

Unless we do that.
We lost for ever our pride.
Unless we do that we are just killing and killing.
The Palocaust (killing Palestinians) ...
Do not honor the Holocaust ...
Stop killing us again ...
When killing Palestinians ...

Israel  stop killing  us.

And the good settler, his arms around his childrens ...
Kissed them and said with tears in his eyes ...
I need to put my arms around Palestinian children.
We need to love and not to kill ...

Israel stop killing us.