VETO at UN / Donor countries/ TWO CAMPAIGNS
March 30, 2001

A call for the governments, organizations...

As people of a new world where democracy, respect, cooperation and justice should be our LAW;

We cannot accept any more the RIGHT TO VETO for the 5 permanent countries at the UN, when other countries cannot do but accept the will of  ONE VOTE: BECAUSE

a) This is unfair for the other countries. No country should feel (that it is under the pressure (slave) of any country in the world on issue its rights, welfare and needs.

b) This not democratic on the UN Arena. One country will come with a VETO against an unanimous vote for of 9, 10, 14 countries.

c) This is  serving one country interests. When Veto is given, the one country is looking for its own interests and not for the interests of the world peace, justice or TRUTH

d) This is creating division in the mind of people, governments, staff at the UN. They cannot work in peace, challenge justice, support truth, because some countries ONLY FIVE have the right to cast a VETO. They have to come to compromises and compromises that will only work unfairly, unjustly and will empty the TRUTH from its power to make a change.

e) This is making from all the other countries, countries without a will, a dignity, a real presence. We are not in the mentality of the WWII. Countries are not babies that need sponsors or a daddy to tell them what really they should do for their own people, their own interests, their own future of prosperity, unity, cooperation...

f) The VETOES that have been casted did not seve justice, TRUTH, peace in the world, but were the reason of more injustice, poverty, wars in different countries.

That is WHY the whole world should work a CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH THE VETO AT THE UN.

I am sure that others are think or trying to do the same. SUPPORT by all your means and send it to all you representatives...organizations....

2) MONEY, GRANTS  HELP (Financially, Educational, Scientific and Military)  to countries in need should not be politically motivated

a) We need to have a CAMPAIGN that will urge the governments to not accept and support from any country if their money, Grant...are politically motivated.

b) The support should be based on humanitarian, scientific, sharing basis and not a way to put pressure on the country who receives the support just to accept the will of the donor country on issue of peace, justice, vote at the UN, relation with other countries...

c) The support of the Donor country should not become a political slavery to the receiving country.

d) An international LAW should be worked in a way to free the countries who receive a support from that and will not accept that a country, cast a vote at the UN, work a relation or cut a relation with any country bases on the will, the pressure, the wishes of the Donor Country.

e) History tells us that the UN, the world peace, Justice and TRUTH have been on SALE because some donor countries want to impose their will on the poor, needy and third world countries.

I am sure that others are think or trying to do the same. SUPPORT by all your means and send it to all you representatives...organizations....

Abouna Labib Kobti
San Francisco


Others say:

1) Not a bad idea Abouna but the sale of votes is as old as mankind.  I think
the best thing is for all the third world countries to get out of the UN and
create their own UN.  The UN is a joke.  The UN is the office of the state
department in NY.