America is Killing the Israelis
By Father Labib Kobti
June 14, 2001

All of you think of that ...
All of you know this ...
All of us fear the future ...

For years, the USA supports Israel with money,
Weapon and media ...
But, all this did not help Israel to live in peace.
It killed more than ever the Israeli people.
Many were innocent like innocent Palestinians.

Money will not bring peace to the Israelis,
Neither weapons nor the biased media.
And all of us know that.

For years the USA lied about the Settlements.
It helped the Jewish immigration from Russia, Ethiopia ...
It granted money to support their integration in Israel,
It helped to build new settlements ...
And this did not give peace to the settlers.
It killed them and is killing their future.

US Vetoes at the UN.
And the games played to the UN resolutions,
The changing of already well known terms,
Accepted by the International Community,
Did not either help Israel to feel free.

Supporting Begin, Shamir, Netanyaho,
And today Sharon, and tomorrow ...
Is not helping Israel to find security.

The USA has no policy for the future of the Israeli people.
It only promises money, weapon and Media.
And of course support at the UN.
And all these are killing the Israelis.
In every way.
In different ways.

The USA have done this to the Apartheid regime.
Where is today the Apartheid of South Africa?
When the USA is blamed for delaying the freedom of the Black.

The USA have done this to Chili, Filipino ...
Is doing it to Cuba, Iraq and ...
The USA is accused,
And will be blamed for their suffering.

The USA will be denounced soon for not helping Israel.
The USA will soon will be condemned for killing Israel.
The USA will soon be accused for war crimes against Israelis.
The USA is only delaying a real and comprehensive peace for them.
The USA do not want Israel to live ...

The way to the security of Israel is the Palestinian security.
The way to Israeli future is the Palestinian human rights.
The way to Israel survival is a free Palestine.
The way to Israel peace of mind is the return of Palestinian refugees.
The way to Israel integration is the end of occupation.

The Palestinian olive trees is Israeli Security.
The Palestinian children is its Guarantee.
The Palestinian men and women is Israel's,
Weapon, Money and future.

All people know that.
This is the only way.
The sure way.
The short way.
The USA is ignoring all that.

USA, stop killing the Israelis with your weapon.
Money and biased media.
USA, in the long run you are not helping Israel,
You are just killing the Israelis.

Weapons "made in America",
American dollars, and billion of them,
American public relation and media ...
Will never stop the agony of the Israeli people.
America is killing the Israelis.

Soon the USA will be accused ...
For continuing the Holocaust of the Jews,
And blamed for a New Palocaust:
A Palestinian Holocaust.