An Open Message to Sharon
By Fr. Labib Kobti
April 11, 2001
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"We shall match your capacity to inflict suffering
By our capacity to endure suffering,
We shall meet your physical force
With soul force" (Martin Luther King)

We shall match your capacity to lie to the media,
By our capacity to turn lies to tell who we really are.

We shall meet your different ways of blaming the victim,
By our capacity to show how a victim makes a nonviolent "INTIFADA"

Do what ever you want to us,
We have the capacity to survive,
Our history tells you that we will.

Kill our children,
More children will be born out of our dead bodies.

Destroy our houses,
More houses will be built on our land.

Build settlements everywhere and anywhere,
We will never cease to farm our lands,
And water our olive trees with our love.

Use any kind of weapons,
We will use "your David" stone against Goliath,
And will defy you with love and truth.

You can kill our bodies,
But you will never kill our will or our dreams.

Make from our cities and villages ... Concentration Camps,
We will make from them places for non-violent INTIFADA,
And the world will soon discover that your suffering on similar situation,
Taught you not to understand the price of freedom,
But how to destroy others' freedom.

And beside every Holocaust Memorial ...
That you build all over the world,
A PALOCAUST Memorial will remind the world,
What you have done to the Palestinians.

The Brave Jews who stand with justice,
Will never forgive you, Old Sharon,
Because you destroyed the image of ...
Samson, Masada and the Jews for Human Rights.

The world will forget you Sharon and will remember,

You may deny us our right to resist,
But you will not be able to resist our RIGHTS to exist on our own land.

You may delay our hopes for a peaceful future,
But this future has never been so near.

You may win the battle in starving our people
But we are winning the war as the pelicans,
In giving ourselves as food to our children.
And they are proudly surviving.

You may think that we are despaired,
We have never been so  strong and proud of ourselves.
We have never been so full of hopes,
And our dreams are becoming true: INDEPENDENCE

You may today have the whole world  with you,
But tomorrow the world will know the Truth,
And the TRUTH will be hard on you.

You may have the USA supporting you,
But the kind American people, denied the Truth for so long,
Will stand tomorrow with what it is right and just.
The American people has a full history of standing
For justice and human rights.
And they can and they will.

No justice to Palestinians,
No peace for your dear people,
And for the world, your world and our world.
Everywhere, anywhere, all will soon walk the streets,
All the streets and corners of the World:
No Justice, NO PEACE.

Thank you Dear Old Sharon,
Because you are giving my people the chance
To become the people that will give the world ...
The real sense of Pride, Resistance, Justice

Thank you, Dear Old Sharon,
Because of persons like you, my people have entered History,
As the one of BRAVEST PEOPLE in the world,
Standing against the most powerful countries who have:
Power of weapons, Power of media,
And Power of USA hegemony on the UN
And the International LAW.

You will die condemned for your war crimes and sins,
Our people will live with their pride to endure the crimes,
And will be known as A LIVING SYMBOL and EXAMPLE
Of all people who cherish and hold dear their children
their Land, their lives and their FREEDOM.

"One day we shall win Freedom,
But not only for ourselves.
We shall appeal to your heart and conscience
That we shall win you in the process,
And our victory will be a double victory" (Martin Luther King)

And the Palestinian Refugees will return home,
And the Israelis and Palestinians will live in Peace,
Both will build houses for Palestinians,
Not anymore for the Israeli settlers.

And the victims of both sides will rise again,
Palestinians and Israelis and say:
Our blood is the price of harmony between our peoples,
Our death is the grain of new life for our children.

Our martyrs and yours will beg us:
Please cover our tombs with flags of Love.
Pray for our souls who cleansed your hatred,
And build no more tombs but home for peace and justice.

And the war criminals will be condemned world wide.

And everybody will say ENOUGH:
No more killing, no more need to use tanks,
Your gunships, your boats,
And no more human bombers.

And they will not call the resistance: Terrorists
But brave Fedayeen for justice, freedom and truth.

And they will call the IDF deserters:
Brave people and real believer on Human Rights.
And both will be decorated.
Those who died for freedom,
And those who did not want to destroy freedom.

And Both Israelis and Palestinians,
Will never forgive you, because you are just delaying,
OLD Sharon, their desire to live in peace for ever.

And Israelis and Palestinians,
Jews, Christians and Muslims,
Will love each other,
Because they are all the children,
Of a common Father Abraham.
They are all SEMITES.

You are just wasting, Old Sharon,
Your time and our time,
And for this, we,
Jews, Christians and Muslims,
Israelis and Palestinians,
Bloodbrothers and sisters,
With the whole world,
USA included,
Will condemn you,
And all persons like you.

You are already alone,
With your Crimes of yesterday and today.

Poor Old Sharon,
You cannot stand that
Israelis and Palestinians,
Could love each other.
After your crimes,
They discovered that love is:
The Real LAW to survive side by side.

They will.

And our victory will be a double victory.

 Fr. Labib Kobti, Justice and Peace Activist,
San Francsico
Catholic priest.


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