Some questions to Ariel Sharon

Dear Mr. Sharon:

I know you, you do not know me. So why bother introducing myself.

I have some questions for you:

If you were Palestinian what would you do? Barak have once said that he will be a Palestinian terrorist? What would you be?

Because you are not a Palestinian, even though when you were born in 1928 the land that you call Israel was Palestine, you do not want to see. you just do not want to understand what a REAL Palestinian is.

That is why my questions come automatically to you:

Do you think that a Palestinian will give up his name?
Do you think that a Palestinian will give up his land?
Do you think that a Palestinian will give up his RIGHT OF RETURN?
Do you think that a Palestinian will just give up because you are building a Concentration Camp inside  and outside his city, town and village?

Do you think that a Palestinian will forget his father, mother, sisters or brothers, even though some of them you have killed in Palestine or else where on earth?
Do you think that a Palestinian will forget his history, his traditions, his culture?
Do you think that a Palestinian will ever forget the long suffering that he endured for over 50 years and stop to look for the destroyers of his hopes?

Do you think that by breaking the hands of the Palestinians, Palestinians will stop resisting the Israeli Occupation: Yitzhak Rabin and Peres tried this before you and did not succeed?
Do you think that by torturing Palestinians, Palestinians will stop their struggle for freedom, the Shin Bet have been doing this for over 50 years and they did not succeed?
Do you think that by killing the Palestinians here and there as you have done already in Palestine, Lebanon and everywhere, that Palestinians will be frightened, you know better?
Do you think that by building settlements, Palestinians will be generous to give even their houses, you have been bulldozing their land for years, but you did not succeed?

Do you think really that you are building the future of the Israelis or are you destroying their hopes: Jews want peace, they do not want war.

Let me remind you of your history:

a) Do you remember the Story of Samson in the Bible? His enemies tried by all means to kill in him everything. But they could not kill his SOUL, his SPIRIT, his WILL to return back. TO WIN, he even killed himself, but it was disastrous for others.

b) Do you remember the history of the brave place called Masada in Israel? Sure you know it!! The Jews preferred the death to surrender to the Romans, and by their BRAVE death they inspired their people for the future. They WON the war, and by that brave death, they multiplied. You use this place, till now, as a symbol of your wonderful heroes. In what way Masada was a victory? How Masada won? Because the Roman Empire with all its big army could not kill the SOUL of the Jews, their SPIRIT and their WILL to stay and come back one day.

c) Do you remember the Camps of Concentration of the Nazis? By the UNJUST and unjustified suffering and death of innocent people, the Jews eventually became stronger and unified. No Nazi could kill the Spirit, the SOUL and the WILL of the Jews. The Jews WON the battle and history. Till now the history speaks about you and will speak and sympathize. Do you know in what way the People in Auschwitz and other camps WON in the end? Because the suffering and the death did not and cannot and will never be able to kill the SOUL, the SPIRIT of people who were determined to live and survive.

Do you understand the GREAT LESSON of all these things, your HISTORY, for the present -- for the determination of the Palestinian people under oppression?

Your history is an example for all nations WORLDWIDE.
We learn from history: The history of the wonderful American Black people in USA, with Martin Luther king? The history of the Apartheid in South Africa with Nelson Mandella? The history of the Indians with Mahatma Ghandi; and many other people who fought for their rights, dignity and identity and build their national countries or entities.

This history will be repeated for the Palestinians, they shall overcome one day in spite of what those who do not read the history, LIKE YOURSELF, are doing to kill their soul, spirit and will.

That people, the Palestinians, will multiply and will come back and will WIN his freedom, his liberty, his independence. This people, please do not MIS-estimate them, are not less than any other people in the world.

You are helping the Palestinians to multiply and to WIN.

Yes, after every death, thousands of brave Palestinians are born free so as to resist the Israeli occupation.
Under every stone, millions of stone will scream for freedom.
With every weeping mother, hundred of thousand of mothers from the whole world will condemn you and sympathize with us.

You are destroying your history, the history of the Jewish people and your people will never forgive you. JUST, listen to many of them, brave Jewish and Israelis, writing, here and there, and calling on you to STOP.

You are 72-73 years old, how long you will live more to see justice, peace and truth?
How more you will kill to satisfy your thirst for blood?
How more lands you will steel before you think that you are serving your people?

With great respect and love (putting all my energy as a cCtholic priest to say this, and try to love you! My Lord Jesus Christ have commanded me always to love)  PLEASE, listen to me:

The Palestinian people will multiply, as happened to the Jews throughout the history.
The history will speak about Palestinians and will sympathize with its suffering.
The war criminals will pay by the will of the International law one day or another.

Samson will return and please be friendly to him before it is too late, he may do the same as he did thousands of years ago in your history ...With the only difference, this time, Samson may not be a Jew.

So, please, remember your history, it could repeat itself, but this time with other an other time...and we do not want this to happen ...

AND YOU, our beloved Jewish and US friends, sister and brothers, stand with the TRUTH and look to the future with eyes of Justice:

The Palestinian people will live, will survive and will come back as any other people who has a will, a dignity and want a real future for their new generations

The nonviolent Intifada that we are calling for is only the beginning of the Palestinian freedom and independence and they will get is sooner or later. BECAUSE history is with those who have a will, a determinate will. Time is not working for Israel and with the Occupier.

We cannot kill the will and spirit of a people, the will of a nation!

I hope that Sharon will JUST REMEMBER THAT.

Father Labib Kobti
A Catholic priest, from San Francisco
March 11. 2001