Postcards ... for Palestinians
April 4, 2001

As the Pope will be visiting SYRIA and the whole world will be focused on that important visit to our world.

DO IT IMMEDIATELY and do not loose this occasion:

TRY TO USE THE VISIT OF THE POPE (to Palesine and Dehesheh Refugee Camp) FOR THE BEST (believe me that I am not promoting here the Pope but the JUST CAUSE OF THE PALESTINIANS):

1) Get pictures of the Pope in Palestine (different important moments) for example in Dehasheh and put them on T-Shirt and ask the churches and Christian Pilgrims to buy it to support your Camp and bring it to their own countries. (I know you do not have pilgrims, for the moment, I hope soon you will have)

a) On the front put the picture, on the back some history of the Refugee Camp of Dehesheh, Statistics about the people in the camp, list of the Palestinian camps all over the world. You can do the same about Bethlehem and Jerusalem. You can show some places that have been visited by the Pope and the today destruction's by the Israelis. A lot of people watched the visit and saw the beauty of the places, they will understand and got the message of the INJUSTICES done to the Palestinians.

b) Put them (the same or different pictures) on jackets, umbrellas, towels, sheets, cover beds ....

2) Do a certain series of plates, coffee cups, glasses of water, wine, mugs with something that reflect that. I say a series, I mean of different moments of the Pope visit to the Refugee camp or Palestine. People in the future will use them as a collection

3) Try to do kind of stamps, stickers, children stamps....

4) Make some post cards for Christmas, Easter with the Pope (Christmas the Pope with a baby of the Camp, or with a mother and a child) (Easter a Palestinian dying body calling for resurrection and freedom). Christians will buy them, they should send them to their for the occasions. And always with a message that can speak to people about justice peace than TRUTH.

5) Do the same with different kind of cards, pictures that our Muslim communities can use and send to their friends world wide. The Pope with the Muslim Authority with some quotations of what they asked him and what he said to them? (THE POPE WILL BE VISITING THE MUSLIM AUTHORITIES IN SYRIA)

6) I hope that some of our experts in design and computer will start to create some electric cards that could be used on the Internet by people world wide.

Remember always:
a) To give always a special message that can lead people to the truth
b) Use real pictures of the Intifada, Muhammad Al-Durra pictures are real candidates
c) Do not use violence on your messages.
d) Truthful documented quotations, statistics, hopes of Justice and Peace



I am sure that this will give to some people some ideas to discover other different things to do and BE CREATIVE.

With love and my prayers.

Abouna Labib Kobti
San Francisco

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