Omen National Conference
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
November 15, 2000
And St. Andrew's Episcopal Church,
Saratoga, Feb. 25, 2001

Dear Friends:

We found a wide sapectrum of Americans who vociferously shared our views when when were speaking about apartheid, oppression in Latin America, poverty and racism in America, war and peace in the nuclear age, equality for women, right to life, and rights to Native Americans. When it came to the morality of American involment in the Israeli-Palestinian, however, we did not find this to be the case; these same people did not seem to consider it a moral issue for Americans. At least they did not write about it very much. And if they write about it they are biased.

Yet it was years-in-years-out American diplomacy and billions in American laons and/or outright grants voted for annually by Americans' representatives in Congress that were sustaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was American-made bombers, paid for, at least in part, by American taxpayers, that were pulverizing apartment houses and burying their occupants under the rubble today at the Occupied Territories. Rightly or wrongly, willingly or not, I think and feel that every American citizen, simply by his or her citizenship, was and is involved in the conflict and the suffering of the Palestinians as well the suffereing of the Iraqi children.

The current situation in Palestine must be analyzed within the context of over 52 years of American policy in the region and over 30 years of Israeli Occupation of Palestine with the support of America and approximately seven years of what has been creatively defined as the Peace Process with 29 times that US vetoed a UN Resolution to shield Israel from international critics or condamnation.

When our people lived in a continous frustration during these years " Israeli economy, which during the occupation and Intifada was miserable, with an international credit rating lower than Bolivia’s, has now improved to an almost European ranking.  The high-tech sector has become one of the fastest growing in the world, expanding faster than even London or other Western capitals. This is because of a more secure investment environment, and the absence of any meaningful regional opposition..." Isreal started to invest and send its products to the Arabic Countries when the Palestinians of the Occupied Territores have not been allowed to work outside of Israel... "Palestinians do not have access to water from their own wells, but must buy drinking water from Israel... There is no freedom of movement for the Palestinians".

Then we find out that the world know about all that suffering of the Palestinians in fact on our side, dear friends, we do have the International Law, the UN Resolutions, the European countries, the Muslim countries who had their summit two days ago, the Arab Countries who had their summit about two weeks ago, the Vatican and the Churches from all over the world, just yesterday Nov 14 th 2000, the US Catholic Church have reiterated the indoresment of our rights to have a Palestinian State and the Head of Christian Churches in the Hoy Land (Cath. Orthodox and Protestand Chruches) have declared that "The Church believes that it is the right as much as duty of an occupied people to struggle against injustice in order to gain their freedom"  (Jerusalem Patriarchs Issue Call for Peace, Justice,November 9, 2000)
 .. we do have then, Dear Friends, justice on our side, we do have our TRUTHFUL rights recognized by many internatinal and human rights organizations beside of course the UN and Foruth Geneva Convention.

Despite of all that we feel alone, frustrated, sad, unhappy...because again we feel ourselves ALONE. Why because the USA of today is the only country in the world that matter. The Israelis had a vision years and years ago and saw it. Only the USA is the key. The Israelis have understood that, that is why for years and years they focused on the USA, put thier money, their power, their media in the USA. We need to do the same. The Israelis  worked it, prepared themselves for these days when they will be justly condamned by the whole world. They knew all what they need was the USA. In fact the USA injustly stood with them and Israelis are getting out of anything as if the bloodshed of our people is nothing, blaming the victims when they are continuing without any remorse their opresssion against Palestine

I know that all of your see this with me.

It is time that the Palestinians in diaspora start to take care of thier struggle for freedom and use the same tactics as the Israelis: The American Public Opinion, the Media and money. In doing this we just start a NONVIOLENT-RESISTANCE here in the USA.

I do not think that putting our money at the service of our people, of our struggle for freedom. Putting our money at the service to have a dignified life that we all deserve is a lot asking from all of you, including me. AND I THINK THAT I DO NOT NEED to repeat it twice that we need you, absolutley to show TODAY your generosity. We Arab People we are known of our Generosity, specaillay we we know that the money will be used for a good cause.

For one presidential campaign of the Republicans or the Democrats they fundraise over a million dollar, just to be elected. We need to vote today for the PALESTIAN PEOPLE. We need to VOTE for our needy people right now, deprived of work, of food, of school, of hospitals of many many needs. More than 45% of our people is now under the level of poverty.

Dear Friedns that is why today,the money that you will be raising should come from the work of your front and from your hearts because they are going to your bloodbrothers and sister who are giving their life for the DIGNITY of your home land.

So be very very generous. We want to raise over 100.000 dollars. An even this much is so small to help few of our people. But we will do it and we want to do it, because we are a GENEROUS people and we BELIEVE ON OUR JUST CAUSE: PALESTINE

We feel alone during this actual situation, alone more than any time in our lives that we should not let our people feel ALONE, we should not for God's sake... they are dying for the good cause of our country...look... the death of one of them worth more than all the money that you will be giving today, the lost of a son, a brother, a father cannot be paid by all the mopney of the world. Our generosity today will just hlep us to feel that we did something, that we shared and that we give some of what we have. So again, I insist our people need your AARB HEART, your GENEROSITY.

Here is the USA we need also to change our strategy. We need to use any means to Educate the Public Opinion on the TRUTH. Dare to say it now loudly that the TRUTH is on our side and that in doing that we are not calling to kill the Israelis, we are just calling the Israelis to implement the UN resolutions and we want to live them in peace as did the South African after Nelson Mandella as did the African Americans after Martin Luther King as did the Indians after Ghandi. We have the right to resisit, it is an honor to resist the Occupation. Our call is for a nonviolent resistance and it is our right. We need to tell the Public opinion that: enough targetting us as people who want to kill the Israelis...we are good peeople who is just looking for its lost dignity in between the hands of the US Adminstration and Israel.

Daring to take care of our people and not waiting for the USA Adminstration to give me us justice is committing myself always to speak out to the Pubilc opinion on the Truth. Tell the US  Public Opinion that our country is making the same mistake today in regard to the new Israeli apartheid and the American public opinion will soon walk the streets against this as they have done for South Africa. And as mandella was freed, Palestine will be free, and as Mandella was able to to turn the page and forgive the past and build a better future for his country, Palestinians are able to do the same. So our message will be: STOP BELEVING THAT PALESTIANS want violence and that they want to kill Jews as some misleading news reports from Israel and the USA claim. We need to dare to speak out and speak out  and speak out to EDUCATE the American Public Opinion. After the Arab Summit, the Muslim Countries Summit, the many amny summtis here and there and the inability of our leaders to do anything tangible and immediate for Palestine. We discovered again that nobody can help us, but the USA, not the European countries, not the UN or the Arab Countries only the USA.  HERE IN THE USA where the road to LIBERATE PALESTINE from the ISRAELI Occupation starts.

I feel  like all of you the pain of the Palestinians in human terms and understand that this current struggle, on the Palestinian side, IS THEIR WAR OF INDEPENDENCE.  This Palestinian struggle must end in victory, sooner rather than later and wework togethr for this Victory.

I dream to see you all and much more next time we come together celebrating: The Independant Palestinain State with Jerusalem as capital.

May God grant us all Grace, energy, power, and intelligence to pursue
Justice in the Holy Land which is now a land of sorrow.  Too many dead
have been buried.  There is so much pain.  It is time for justice after
52-years. Now is time for justice, time to say all the TRUTH. I ask you all to be committed to put all your energy, all your heart, all your mind, all your money to celebrate the victory, at last of has just started in a different way these days in our hearts.

Palestine deseves that we commit ourselves for its freedom.