What next for our People?
March 20, 2001

What is next in the region?
What is next after the return of Sharon?

I think that:
1) Sharon is preparing the world to see on Arafat and the PA as a terrorist group.
In all his visit he was saying that, before his visit he was saying that and after his visit he will start to destroy the PA, I think that, unfortunately, he will do some assassinations. Then he will say to the world, you see you could not help me to stop the Palestinian violence I had to do it myself. (The world as it is happening till now will cover his lies, will understand his lies and will not say a word ...)

2) Then he will say to the world, after he destroys the PA, I do not have a partner to speak to. No partner for peace. You will not ask me to sit with terrorists. I have to deal with Palestinians. He did all his best to destroy the PLO when he invaded Lebanon in 1982. Now he will not invade any where he has them under his control and can do anything ...

3) Then as the world will be silent, he will transfer Palestinians to Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt: I mean: The family whose son will throw a stone will be transferred out of the region: Gaza to Egypt, Ramallah and its region to Jordan, north of Palestine 1948 to Lebanon. And the USA will pay the expenses for the transfer. The UN will be votoed.

4) More settlements, more people to come from Russia, Ethiopia and else where.

5) The USA will pay Israel for the lost of tourism, will pay them for building settlements, will pay them for the transfer of our people.

6) Europe will be unable to do any thing.

7) Our struggle will be showed as the war of the Chechyians and Russia. As USA had said to Russia we did not see, we did not hear and will not say anything. You, Russia should do the same: I did not see, I did not hear and will not say anything

Will the Arabs see this strategy of Israel on their upcoming summit?
Can they do something?

We are coming to a very difficult situation after the return of Sharon:
1) Who got a green light from the USA.
2) Who lied to them and they trusted his lies (no see, no hear, no say anything)
3) Who got the support of his people and the AIPAC to cover up on his new crimes
4) The AIPAC and the LOBBIES started to show that the PA is a danger for Palestine, Israel and the whole region
5) Silence in the Arab world: NOT ONE King or President said that he was shocked by the USA accepting to receive a war Criminal. Green card then from the Arab World.

What next? A horrible situation for our People.

Can anybody tell me that I am WRONG and bring mew some hope!!
Am I pessimist?
Am I exaggerating?
Or perhaps I do not see!


The question is what we can do?

Abouna Labib