A Portable Palocaust Museum at Hand
March 30, 2001

Dear Friends:

Please can we start to create a PALOCAUST (I mean portable Palestinian Holocaust Museum).

I mean a MUSEUM that can speak about what is REAL, what is RIGHT, what is TRUE about the Palestinians, with DOCUMENTED pictures and stories in everry city in the world.


It is so easy to do it. ANYBODY CAN DO IT. IT WILL NOT COST A LOT OF MONEY. I assure you.

This, if it happens, will make a WONDERFUL EDUCATION about the TRUTH ON THE PALESTINIAN-ISREALI Conflict.

It will be our RIGHT TO RESIST; OUR nonviolent INTIFADA all over the world.

Here what I suggest. Get to the INTERNET and bring:

1) Some "History Pictures", that speak about the 1948 Palocaust and creation of Israel, and the Arab-Israeli wars. Theme HISTORY

2) Some  "Refugee Pictures" that can show the people thrown out and their misery in refugee camps. Theme: REFUGEES

3) Some  "Intifada Pictures", the first and the second. Theme: INTIFADA (RIGHT TO RESIST)

4) Some "Children Killed or injured Pictures". Theme: CHILDREN AND SOLDIERS

5) Some "House demolition Pictures". Theme: HOUSE DEMOLITION

6) Some "SIEGE, HUNGER, HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, People in check points, women visiting their children at Israeli jails Pictures. Theme: The LIFE UNDER OCCUPATION

7) Some "Settlements pictures, in comparison with the Palestinian villages". Theme: SETTLEMENTS

8) Some "Massacres pictures, Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatilla": Theme: MASSACRES

9) Some "Short stories about the different lives of Israelis and a Palestinians, a comparison, Israelis have swiming pools, Palestinians do not have water to drink": Theme: WHAT A DIFFERENCE

10) Some "Eye witness short stories". Theme: EYEWITNESSES

11) Some "Jerusalem Picture", that speak about the Arab life of Jerusalem for thousand years and the settlements and the Judaization of the City: Theme: JERUSALEM


a) Pictures should be a museum size, not so big, light and strong, so we can get and put them and take them anywhere.
b) Pictures should be real and documented
c) Under every picture, the date the place, and a message
d) After every theme statistics
e) Some quotations from important personalities, Kings, presidents ... (under some pictures)
f) At the Museum, a hall for documented films about the Palestinians under Occupation

WE can do it. All of us can do it. We have the means: THE INTERNET.

YOU prepare the pictures at home, you hire a hall, you advertise about it with your organization, you invite people, you bring your portable museum to the four sides (north, south, East and West of your city) one weekend a month in different place.

This will make a great EDUCATION, in every city in the world.

You can put it also on your website and make it flash the pictures and stories. Some Website have done something like that. NOW let us do it a PALOCAUST PORTABLE MUSEUM at hand.

The Museum could become a LIVE ONE if you work some pictures on Tshirt: Children will have children pictures on TSHIRTS about Israeli Atrocities against Children Muhammad Al Durra, as master piece. Women about women of Intifada, men about history ....

Please tell me what you think.

Abouna Labib Kobti
San Francisco

More about this idea:

1) Excellent idea, Abuna - I hope that people understand the power that the
internet gives them and how much this could influence the typical American
viewpoint.  If one of the organizations DOES put together a museum, I
suggest you have them photograph it and send you the pictures, so that you
could scan them and put them on your website.  Some organizations might need
that extra push and sample to be able to organize this.

I truly hope that people use this idea - we need all the help we can get at
this point to get the word out - and pictures speak louder than words.

God bless -

2) Dear Abouna,

It is a great and a big project and will be very educational.  One of the problems I see is we cannot use any picture that is on the Internet. Most of these pictures are copyrighted and or low resolution.  For every picture, we may have to get a permission to use it from the Photographer of the source.  I will check on this and will let you know.

Fayeq Oweis

3) Abouna, The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum is highly effective, and the main part of it used to be nothing more than black and white photos with captions.

I think the Our Story Photo Exhibit is very similar. Whether or not it intentionally uses the same technique, I do not know, nor does it matter. Perhaps what you are thinking about is something like the Our Story updated. It is a good idea and I believe this is being worked on.

Let me know,


Robert+ ---