And the US branch of Amnesty International said on May 30, 2001 that "The United States no longer leads on international human rights issues and often sacrifices its concerns for political expediency"

Not on our name!
Fr. Labib Kobti
June 1, 2001

They said to the whole world
No, Palestine has never existed in any time.
Palestinians are a myth not a reality.
Today so-called Palestinians are terrorists.
Their war of freedom is violence.
Their hope for independence is violence.
And Voltaire said: Lie, lie there is always a lot to lie about.

To Palestinians then ...
No right to resist, no right to scream.
No right to speak out against injustices.
No right to ask why Dad was killed.
No right to ask why my home is no more.
No right to go anywhere.
You barely have right to live, Palestinians.
Better, you have right to die.

Jews have to come from everywhere anywhere.
Right to them to build settlements everywhere, anywhere.
Right to them to go everywhere, anywhere.
Right to them to kill with any kind of weapons.
American weapons paid by our tax money.
Right to them to destroy any house, Palestinian homes.
Right to them to burn any farm, Palestinian ones.

And Sharon defended his own people.
And USA defended Sharon ...
Against Palestinian violence!

Violence that Palestinians did not start first,
When Jews from everywhere took their lands,
Their houses, Palestinian future ...
And are building with US money more settlements.
And when Israelis started their "Begin Gangs".
And violence nourshes violence ...
Unfortunately ...

Violence is Palestinian's ...
When Palestinians say stop ...
Stop building settlements.
Stop uprooting our olives, symbole of peace.
Stop confiscating and demolishing houses.
Stop killing your way of killing ...
With US weapens ...

Sharon responded with gunships and tanks.
He responded with F16 "Made in the USA".
He killed adults and children.
He destroyed houses and burned fields.
He sent his IDF anywhere, everywhere ...
To Palestinian towns, villages and homes ...
And they killed ... And they destroyed.

And USA said: "Palestinian  should stop violence".
Stop their rights to resist.
Stop their human rights to be humans!

Many Palestinians have been disabled by the IDF for ever ...
They shot their eyes, their heads...
They wanted to stop their future ...
They wanted no future to Palestinian children.

And Palestinians will build a lot of "PALOCAUST".
I mean sites that will remember their own holocaust.
Just like others have done.
A shrine to always remember ...
This time to recall what Israel has done to others.

USA is killing with Sharon weapons.
USA is killing its history.
Sharon's USA is killing America.
USA is killing our pride of brave Americans.
And American people are kept ...
With a biased US Media,
And with the "Intelligence," in dark.

USA is killing human rights.
Brave Americans!
Say enough with me!
Enough lying. Enough.
USA is killing us Americans.
It is time for us to say ENOUGH..

Chance should be given to us ...
And not to Sharon ...
A 100 days to us, Americans!
Americans of free hearts and souls.
To us, to walk the streets and scream:
USA: "Not in our name!"

Before the world expell us again ...
As brave Americans from other Human Rights ...
Organizations, Committees and Associations ...
Before we loose because of others ...
Our humanity, Americans!

Walk me the streets of America and say:
No more in our name!
No more!