Palestinians today are ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD resisting the ISRAELI Occupation of their Country.
November 11, 2000



A Russian Zionist wrote after he visited Palestine on 1891:"If ever...we...develop...our life in Erez-Israel to the point where we
shall be encouraging upon them (the Palestinians)...(we should not expect them) to yield their place easily" (Ahad Ha'am -pen
name of Asher Ginsberg 1856-1027) (Cf. Ahad Ha'am, "Emmet me-Erez Israel," Kol Kitvei, p.24, quoted in David Vital, The
Origin of Zionism, P.196)

On that famous trip Ha'am wrote also that "it was difficult to find any UNCULTIVATED land in Palestine" (Ahad Ha'am, Am
Scheidewege (Berlin, 1923) Erster Band, p. 87, cited also in Walid Khalidi, From Haevn to Conquest: Reading in Zionism and
the Palestine Problem until 194p. 116). See also other sources as Laurence Oliphant, Haifa or Life in Modern Palestine, p. 59
"Almost every acre of the plain of Esdraelon is at this moment in the highest state of cultivation". See also Frances E. Newton,
Fifty Years in Palestine (London 1948), p. 47; and S. Tolkowsky, The Gateway of Palestine (London 1924), p. 144

Ha'am thought in 1903 that Jews sould not make form Palestine thier home land...they have to stay throughout the diaspora but
"Palestine will become our spiritutal center only when the Jews are a majority of the population and own most of land" (Ahad
Ha'am; Essays, Letters, Memoirs, tr. & ed. Leon Simon, p. 282)


A Russian Jewish immigrant to Palestine wanted Jews to take Palestine by peices estabilshing colonies of farmers and various
types of workshops and teaching the young generation to use arms. He wrote in 1882: "To take possession in due course of
Palestine..(is) to put all the land, all the industry, in the hands of the Jews...then the Jews, if necessary with arms in their hands,
will publicly proclaim themselves masters of their own, ancient fatherland" (Dubnov to his brother, Shim'on, 10-20/11-1-1882,
Druyanov, iii, no.1162, cls. 495f, quoted in Vital, p. 85. Quoted in American and the Founding of Israel, by John W. Mulhall, p.


A Zionist in Palestine discussing the morality of dispalcing the Palestinians with Jewsih immigrants wrote in 1918: "It was
impossible to evict the fellahin (the Arab Palestinians), even if we wanted to...Nevertheless, if it were impossible, I would
commit an injustice towards the Arabs...there are those among us (the Jews) who are opposed to this form the point of view of
supreme rightousness and morality. Gentlement,...if one wants to be a 'preventer of cruelty to animals', one must be an
extremist in the matter. When you enter in the midst of the Arab nation and do not allow it to unite, here too you are taking its
life. The Arabs are not salt-fish; they have blood, they live, and they feel pain with the entry of a 'foreign body' into the midth.
Why don't our moralists dwell on this point? We must be either complete vegeterians or meat-eaters: not one-half, one third, or
one-quarter vegitarian" (Neil Caplain, Plaestine Jewery and the Arab Question, 1917-1925, p. 29)+


On 1920s the Zionists developed a philosophy that a Jewish author states as fellows: "Palestine belonged on the one hand to the
Arabs living there but on the other hand it belonged to the whole Jewish people, not just to that part of it resident in Palestine" (
Walter Zeev Laqueur, A History of Zionism, p. 247

This philosophy remains till today. It give to Jews living in Russia, Poland, USA... the same right to Palestine as any Palestinian
resident in Palestine and whose family have never left Palestine for centuries. Lately this right of Jews to Palestine became
much stronger that any Palestinian in Palestine. A settler semms having the right to confiscate lands and houses from
Palestinians with the approval of the Israeli governement and the silence or inactivity of the International Community.


On 1927-1928, Sir John Russel, the director of an English experimanetal agriculture station, wrote after visiting Jewsih farm
settlements in Palestine: The "impresssion, I formed last year was confirmed during my present visit....The Purpose of the
colonialists is not to make money but to make a nation...they wish to found a state." (John Russel, Report on Visit to Palestine,
April 1928, pp. 9-11


Ben-Gurion stressing that it was never a Zionist strategy that the Jews should dominate the Arabs, recognizing the right of the
Palestinians and their presence in Palestine said: A state could imply the "domination of others, the domination by the Jewish
majority of the minority, but that is not our aim. It was not our aim at that time and it is not our aim now." (David Ben- Urion,
quoted in Palestine Royal Commission, Minutes of Evidence Heard at Public Sessions, London, 1937, Colonial No. 134, p.289)


As Foreign Secretary, Lord Curzon who followed Lord Balfour who promised a home land to Jews stated in 1920: "I think the
entire conception wrong. Here is a country with 580.000 Arabs and 30.000 or is it 60.000 Jews (by no means all Zionists).
Acting upon the noble principle of self determination and ending with a splendid appeal to the League of Nations, we then
proceed to draw up a document which reeks of Judaism in every paragraph and is avowed constitution for a Jewish State. Even
the poor Arabs are only allowed to look through the keyhole as a non-Jewish community. It is quite clear that this mandate has
been drawn up by someone reeling under the fumes of Zionism. If we are all to submit to that intoxicant, this draft is all right.
Perhaps there is no alternative. But I...should like to see something worded differently...I do not myself recognize that the
connection of Jews with Palestine, which terminated 1200 years ago, gives them any claim whatever. On this principle we have
(The English People) stronger claim to parts of France" (Doreen Ingrams, Palestine Papers, 1917-1922: Seeds of Conflict,
pp.96f., quoting Pro-FO, 371/5199

8- The duty of Israel is...

"... it is the duty of the [Israeli] leadership to explain to the public a number of truths. One truth is that there is no Zionism, no
settlement, and no Jewish state without evacuating Arabs, and without expropriating lands and their fencing off."
~Yesha'ayahu Ben-Porat~

                                       B- STATISTICS

1- In 1897 Plaestine had 563,000 people, including 529,500 Arab Palestinians and 21,500 Jews (The Population of Palestine, by
Justin McCarthy, p.10, he quotes a corrected Ottoman figures)

2- By 1914 the same demographer, Justin McCarthy estimates 56 to 60 thousand Jews and 659,000 Palestinian Arabs. He says
that there were no evidence of a significant Arab immigration to Palestine between 1870 and 1914 to make the increase in Arab
Palestinians, when there was a very significant Jewish immigration to make the increase of Jewish population (The Population
of Palestine, by Justin McCarthy, p.16-24). Roberto Bacchi an Israeli demographer supports McCarthy findings responding to
the claims of the Zionistas that the growth of the Arab Palestinians was due to Arab immigration to Palestine, he says: "It is
impossible that some part of the growth of the Moslem population was due to immigration. However, it seems likely that the
dominant determinant of this modest growth was the begining of some natural increase" ( Batchi, Population of Israel, p. 35, see
also Batchi "Immigration to Palestine and Israel", EZI, vol. 1, p. 534

3- December 1933, Jews were 236.300 in Palestine, then by December 1936 they were 385.400 about 27.8 per cent. The
increase came from the massive immigration facilitated by U.K. When Palestinians in 1936 were 983.200, the increase came
from natural birth. (Michael J. Cohen, The Origin and Evolution of the Arab-Zionist Conflict, p. 90


The Answer of yesterday, we do see it to-day: the power of Zionism, the Money and the mass media.

As It was in the begining, is now and shall be; UNLESS WE STAND when WELL EDUCATED with the TRUTH to


1- Do you see with us that what is happening today, what was happeing yesterday, will be happening tomorrow, IF WE DO

2- Do you see with us that they do know that the land is not theirs; that it had its own people, the Palestinians, that misleading
the entire world with different means they impose their pretended rights to return, when Palestinians lost their own rights?
Please read on this issue:

3- Does buying lands, building houses, conficating lands and conficating houses give a people the right to declare, on the land
that they owned by legal, questionable legality or illegal means, a STATE? If the Indian Americans buy land and houses,
conficate lands and houses on any state of the Untied State, does this fact, confere them the right to declare an independant
Indean-American State in California, Texas...?

4- Does any Ethnic group have the RIGHT to immigrate to a country with the intent of supplanting the indigenous people,
preventing them the excercise of their human rights to self-determination, or otherwise distrupting their common good?

5- Should really the Palestinians who are the origin people of Palestines give up their lands and houses to the Israelis without
any resistance. (Please read BloodBrothers, by Elias Chacour)

6- Should I as American, English..Stand with the TRUTH and Work for JUSTICE?

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