The Upcoming Holocaust
By Father Labib Kobti
April 23, 2003

The alliance between Christian-Zionists (Whose Founding Fathers include  Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority and Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition and the Christian Broadcasting Network) and Jewish Neo-Conservatives is a prelude to an upcoming holocaust.
Many Jewish Rabbis in Israel, the USA and Europe are beginning to openly discuss what a disaster it is for Jews to form alliances with Christian Zionists.  They rightly fear for their people. Those Jews that dare speak out against this alliance say: "These Christian-Zionists also called Christian Evangelicals or Christian fundamentalists do not love us, Jews, they use us only for their own purpose. They look for the second coming of their 'so-called' Messiah who will come to slaughter us in Israel-Palestine and build a Christian era." "These people pretend to support the return of the Jews to Palestine in order to fulfill the 'so-called' prophecies of the second coming of their 'so-called' Messiah.   They believe this will happen during their time and that they will witness the killing of the Jews in Palestine-Israel.
They are forcing the prophecies to be fulfilled during their time, and we Jews are just a part of their dirty game." "Based on their theology we Jews are only characters in their history of Salvation, we are only the final act in a play where Jews disappear for good." For them the real Jews are the hard-line Jewish settlers who live in the West Bank. These settlers are the true disciples of God and their presence fulfills the promises of a Messiah that will kill all Jews at Armageddon.

Many Jewish scholars rightly fear that the theology of Falwell and Robertson is being reflected in the words and actions of the Bush Administration today. Jewish scholars recollect that Jews lived in such situations during biblical history when other nations used Jews as their slaves or as their Messianic pawns and either deported or slaughtered them.  They know that even in modern history there have been small and large holocausts perpetrated against them by the same people that  professed to love them so dearly. Jewish Scholars warn that they have never felt such fear as they do today. The Christian-Zionists who control Washington, without limits and with many weapons of mass destruction will one day turn against them.  Sooner or later they will seek to fulfill their Messianic prophecies and a new holocaust against the Jews will begin.

A new Falwell or Roberson will come along and he will claim that because of his undying love for "God's Chosen" that it is his duty as a Christian to support the continuation of the settlements which have brought the peace process to a stalemate today. He will not support Israel out of love for Jews, he will do so in hopes that the continuation of the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, and that the resulting death of Jews will fulfill their Prophetic vision. They will call on the punishment of Jews for their refusal to believe in their Messiah. Jewish scholars do not trust Christian-Zionists. Some Jews disagree with these scholars and they say: "Let's use them before they use us. Let's get from them their secrets to obtain weapons of mass distraction through spies working for Israel in the US.  Let us get as much information as we can from the CIA, FBI, the White House, the Congress and Senate.  The moment will come when we might have to strike first in a preventive war against the US and its power, with the same logic that they did here.  We must be prepared to defend ourselves from the upcoming holocaust and denounce these Christian-Zionists as war criminals." Others add to this: "This is our only way to defend ourselves against their play in which they force us to play different acts. We will string them along but we will have the final victory over them and not the other way around.  We will kill them in the name of their "Messiah", our Messiah is the Messiah of the Jews, not of the Christians."

Both parties know that an upcoming holocaust is in its final preparation. The victims will be innocent people who had nothing to do with theology, faith or the Messiah of the Christian-Zionists or the Messiah of the Jews. We need to act immediately, the forces that do not wish to peace are already using the Bible and the World as characters in a play that will make us all victims of their false theology.

Let's get God out of this ungodly play.  He is the God of all of us; children of Abraham and children of the world. The Messiah came not coming to kill. If he comes again, he will only come to save.  The Messiah speaks of love, not about  killing. He gave his life to save and He refused to judge anybody. Let us remove Jews, Christians and Muslims out of this ungodly play.  They do not accept the theology of people who represent a theology of Armageddon, a theology that is not based on anything factual and is based on political, social and economical interests. Let us get more secular involved; they need to dare to speak out clearly and loudly. Enough wars in the name of your religions. If your religions are the religions of hate, then keep your religion away from the rest of us.  Stop harming us because we do not believe in your gods and religions of mass destruction. Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars should start to think together before it is too late, they should work together to the stop the upcoming holocaust that will destroy all of us.

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On the same subject of Holocaust
Giles Fraser
Monday June 9, 2003 The Guardian

Just as new life is being breathed into the peace process, religious groups throughout the US are whipping up hostility to the road map. The aim of the Christian-Jewish "interfaith Zionist leadership summit" held in Washington last month was "to oppose rewarding murderous Palestinian terrorism with statehood". Attending the conference were some of the most influential figures of the Christian right; behind them a whole infrastructure of churches, radio stations and bible college courses teaching "middle-east history".

Since the late 19th century, an increasing number of fundamentalists have come to believe that the second coming of Christ is bound up with the political geography of Israel. Forget about the pre-1967 boundaries; for them the boundaries that count are the ones shown on maps at the back of the Bible. The acceptance of the state of Israel by the UN in 1949 brought much excitement to those who believed the second coming was being prepared for. A similar reaction greeted the Six Day war in 1967. The displacement of Palestinians mattered little compared with the fulfilment of biblical prophecy. Writing in Christianity Today immediately after the Six Day war, Billy Graham's father-in-law, Nelson Bell, claimed the fact that "for the first time in more than 2,000 years Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews gives the student of the Bible a thrill and a renewed faith in its accuracy and validity." So as the international community withdrew its embassies after the war, and the UN passed resolution 242 condemning Israel's occupation of the West Bank, the International Christian Embassy was set up to show support for Israel.

Since then the Christian right has staunchly opposed trading land for peace or any attempt to broker a settlement by power-sharing arrangements. The destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque continues to be sought after by both Christian and Jewish fundamentalists. US churches are encouraged to form links with Jewish settlers via email and to support them through fundraising.

Happy to have any friend it can get, the Israeli government has long since exploited its connections with far-right US Christian groups. While moderate Christians, such as the Palestinian Bishop of Jerusalem, cannot get to see Ariel Sharon despite repeated requests, the door is always open to southern Baptists and TV evangelists. What is astonishing about this marriage of convenience is that their version of evangelical Christianity believes that biblical prophecy leads to Armageddon and finally to the conversion of the Jews to Christ.

According to the most influential of the Christian Zionists, Hal Lindsey, the valley from Galilee to Eilat will flow with blood and "144,000 Jews would bow down before Jesus and be saved, but the rest of Jewry would perish in the mother of all holocausts".

These lunatic ravings would matter little were they not so influential. Lindsey's book, The Late Great Planet Earth, has sold nearly 20m copies in English and another 30m-plus worldwide. Against this crazy theological background, an ideological battle is now being waged.
Despite the fact that apocalyptic prophecy as read by the Christian right ends with another holocaust, some Israeli politicians and journalists are encouraging fundamentalists to stick by the implications of their narrative.

In a recent column in the Jerusalem Post, Michael Freund called upon evangelical Christians to lobby against the pressure being put on George Bush by Tony Blair and Colin Powell. "If Jesus were alive today," he wrote, "the US state department would likely criticise him for being a Jewish settler and an obstacle for peace."

There are 45 million evangelicals in the US and they represent a crucial block vote for born-again Bush. It is therefore to his credit that he has resisted their pressure and managed to persuade Sharon to accept the peace plan. Perhaps Bush is able to take the evangelical vote for granted in much the same way as Blair is able to take the left's vote for granted: both have nowhere else to go. Yet Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal of Jerusalem doesn't trust Bush. He thinks the combination of European impotence and the US's refusal to pressure Israelis into stopping building settlements means the plan is already dead in the water. "It took them six days to occupy the Palestinian territories; they could get out in three," he says. Bishop Riah has persuaded the World Council of Churches to call for sanctions on all products from the occupied territories. The diocese of Jerusalem runs hospitals in Gaza and Nablus. It's in places like these that the real work of Christian ministry is conducted. By contrast, US evangelicals oppose the peace process and swarm into Iraq to convert its people to Jesus. ·

The Rev Dr Giles Fraser is the vicar of Putney and lecturer in philosophy at Wadham College, Oxford