In conscience I cannot accept that they speak againt Islam

Dear Friends:
I am a Catholic Priest in San Francisco.
I was one of the first people to write and publish (in 1997) on the Internet and on newsletters "Please help to stop the Cold War against Islam":
And of course to deplore it
I was the first Arab-American Christian in the world to create a website that speaks about Harmony between Christians and Muslims:
And speak about the Arab-Christian contribution to Islam:
Please scroll down:
Today more than ever our Brothers and Sisters the Muslims are facing, it seems, a strategic and studied labeling, misinformation and attacks from here and there, all over.
As a Catholic priest I cannot, in conscience, be silent.
These Christian Evangelicals or Fundamentalists or Zionists do not represent us Arab-Christians.
They do not represent the over one billion Christian Catholics in the World.
They do not represent the Christian Orthodox or many Protestant churches even in the USA
Please read more at:
It is important that somebody gives us, as Arab-Christians, the opportunity to speak out and defend our brothers and sisters the Muslims with whom we have lived and our people are living with in our home countries.
Today more than any day, Arab-Muslims and Arab-Christians should stand together and send a message of good harmony, love, cooperation and sharing from our home countries, the Arab countries (and in the world specially in the USA) to the whole world who wants to label our Muslim brothers and sisters terrorists. And build hatred against them. We Arab-Christians we cannot accept, in conscience this. The world have been unfair.
Enough is enough.
Perhaps an opportunity will be given to me as a Catholic Priest to speak about that world wide:
Fr. Labib Kobti
San Francisco