Can they listen to a Mother?
September 25, 2003

She comes every day to pray.
She comes in at different times to my church.
She comes always with tears in her eyes.
She comes sometimes with little children.

I feel for her as I know that she is very sad.
I knew her as a bright active woman in our church.
She used to help everyone, every time.
She cares for others, she looks to serve others.

How much she has changed since then!
She lost a lot of weight, no enthusiasm any more.
She was so beautiful, she became old and faded.
She speaks little, looks around little, she prays a lot.
She does not want to do anything, any more!

Everybody feels sad with her when they see her.
They try to comfort her, they all give her love.
She feels alone, destroyed, unhappy.

At home she only watches the news.
She weeps every time she hears that a Gls has died.
She calls immediately to know if her husband is all right.
She cannot sleep until he can call or e-mail her.
As she listens to his voice she cannot stop weeping.

In her eyes you can read many questions.
Why did they send my husband to Iraq?
Why depriving us from his presence?
Why taking away our happiness?
And destroying the lives of my children.
I want my husband back and immediately!

We have nothing to do in Iraq?
They sent him to save the USA from the WMD!
Where are the WMD and the biological ones,
They insisted were there, and made the UN irrelevant for?
They sent him to free our people!
They sent him to free other people!
Are we really free? I am not, my children are not!
Iraqis are not, either! We just die in Iraq.

They sent him for our democracy and independence.
I feel myself more dependent than ever on the will of others.
Afraid that my husband will never return to hug us.
I am afraid for my children. They took our life, our happiness.
They wanted to give it to others. These others are not happy.
Iraqis do not want us, why should we stay there then?

I am like many other mothers and wives in the USA.
Our children, husbands, fathers  and daughters,
Are more important to us than the whole world.
We need them back from Iraq, Philippines, Italy,
Korea, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South America ...
Our life is more important than any other's.
More Americans die in the world, than at home.
We have had enough of that.
Our Children are ours and not the police of the world.

Bring us back our happiness.
Give us back our lives.
Stop wars and violence.
Seek justice and not war.
We do not want wars any more.
Our children should be peacemakers
And not weapons to kill or to be killed.

As a priest, I cannot console this kind lady!
I cannot bring her happiness back.
I cannot stop her righteous tears.
I try to comfort her, I try to encourage her.
I can do that much.
How many women and men are in this same situation?
If we do not have peace in our hearts!
How can we bring peace to the world?
Peace starts first at home.