Any Catholic organization?
October 24, 2001

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I took out the name and the address by respect of privacy.

But Please, read my answer and my frustrations.
As Christian brothers and sisiters help us to see the end of the tunnel.
Christians are leaving the Holy Land.

Fr. Labib Kobti

Subj:Any Catholic Organizations That Support Palestine?

Date:10/24/2001 5:42:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Dear Father Kobti,

I came across your web site and found it very helpful in my efforts to
understand the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The site is wonderful. (do
you ever take time to sleep?)

I also wanted to ask a question Fr. Kobti. I have been trying to find a
US Catholic organization whose purpose is to support the Palestinian
people. (not in the sense of being anti-Israeli; but in the sense you
describe as pro justice).

Are there any US Catholic organizations that exist for this purpose? If
there are any, could you forward the information to me? I would be very

Is there any attempt by US Catholics to communicate and/or work with US
Muslims regarding the middle east ? (besides your own efforts). (I live
in the Chicago suburban area.)

Thank you for your time, Fr. Kobti. (if you have no time to answer, I
certainly understand).

Sincerely, ...
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

Dear Friend:

I wish I can find Catholic Organizations beside the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher and the CNEWA that are helping the Christians in Palestine. I hope I am wrong.

Let me tell you I found a lot of Protestant ones, they invited me to speak in their churches and organizations, I did not find Real Catholic Organizations till now.

I do not know why.
You know what, some Catholic do not know even that there are Christians in the Holy Land. Some Americans were asking me if I am convert from Islam or Judaism. When I told them that I am An Arab-Christian from the FIRST CENTURY and that the Acts of the Apostles speak about the Arabs who became Christians whey we astonished.

My American Catholic Church has failed for years now to tell people about the Catholic or Christians in the Holy land and the Arab World.
Every Year for 2000 years the REAL CHRISTMAS is celebrated in Bethlehem by the Arab Christians, when I was in the seminary in Beit-Jala we were serving the Christmas midnight and day masses of the Patriarch with the Bethlehemites, all Arabs, the same in Jerusalem, the Holy week for 2000 years is celebrated by the Arab Christians and till now you see Americans who do not know that we have ever existed.

Who to blame if not our Catholic Church and the Christians of the USA.

Thanks to Father Drew Christianson, a Jesuit priest who heads the international policy at the US bishop Conference, the Bishops of the USA started to discover our existance. And beside Mother Angelica TV that reported on the visit of the Pope to the Holy land, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt people would not know about us.

I am here, in the USA, I represent the Latin Patriarchate for 11 years, I have been invited to speak here and there, but mostly and rarely by Catholics. And I am a Catholic Priest ..can You imagine...

If you invite me, I will not ask for any money but for a people to open their hearts and know that their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land need them more than ever. Christians who have been over 20% they are now around 1.8%, in the year 2025 some statistics speak of Holy Land without Christians. A museum without living stones.

Here in San Francisco I am serving the largest Holy Land Community outside of the Holy Land.

Please visit my website and click on Christians in the Holy land at the left of the main page Al-Bushra  or click on Christians

Father Labib Kobti