The map that "UNROADS" terrorism
(Bush met Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas at Aqaba)
By Fr. Labib Kobti
June 10, 2003

And they met in Aqaba.
And all the world spoke about the great success.
They forgot Iraq, the UN, Europe, the Arabs and the truth.
And he said to them:

You will support my reelection.
You will praise my accomplishments.
You will stand with what I say.

When reelected, I will continue as in the past.
To deal with terrorism. Terrorism is our only problem.
Yes, the Palestinian terrorism.
Yes, the Arab terrorism.

Sharon, You will get a Jewish State.
USA will give you this State,
Because USA has the right to do that.
We are the masters of this new world.
No right of return for Palestinians to this State.
This kind of right is terrorism to the Jewish State.

You will continue to build settlements.
But you will get rid of the very few empty ones,
Yes, these built for that purpose.
Just as a show, that you are a "man of peace."
You will not fail my words about you! Sharon.
Just the kind of "man of peace" that you used to be.

You will continue to control all the land.
You will get their water, trees and resources,
The space, the entries and the exits.
You will be the one man of show.
You will give them promises.
And I will give them promises.
Oslo, Madrid, Washington ...
Were all about promises.
Promises is all what Arabs need.

As we have done to Arafat, we will do to Abbas.
Yesterday, we supported Saddam,
We supported Pinochet, Marcus, Noriega ...
Today we made from them evil persons.
What is the difference?
It is just a show.
Our show.

Abbas: Terrorism is our problem.
We need to dominate on the Middle East.
We need to dominate over Asia, Africa, S. America.
And Europe, West and East will be ours.
You will fight with us terrorism.
And you need to be with us, now.

We need in the name of terrorism.
To get the EURO, the Yen ... the world...
Their sources, their people should serve us.
If they serve our interests:
They are respecting human rights,
And the International Law,
And if they do not.
They are terrorists.
Because if they are not with us.
They are for sure against us.

As terrorism is our only issue,
Forget now any other things, Abbas.
Remember Iraq. We are the UN.
We do not care for international Law,
Or international consensus against or for.

You cannot speak about a real State,
The rights of return, the prisoners,
The dismantle of the settlements,
The demolishing of houses,
You cannot speak about Jerusalem,
Or Ramallah or human rights.
Only terrorists are our real problem.
Let us "Unroad" them from the map.
Your role Abbas is helping only.

And as any peacemaker I wonder ...
When the Palestinians can have their rights?
When they can be recognized as real people?
When they will have their own state, a real state?

Unless the heart of our USA changes,
Unless the World will see and act,
Unless they work for justice and only justice,
Human rights will be forgotten,
And people will suffer.
Because of us, yes, of our injustices.