The Map that shows the road to freedom.
(President Bush met with Arab Leaders at Sharm Al-Sheikh)
By Fr. Labib Kobti
June 3, 2003

And they said: "Yes, Sir", at Sharam  Al-Sheikh

And we will take all your oil.
Yes, Sir.
And we will sell it lower than the cost to the USA.
And we will sell it back to you at a higher cost.
We will take your gas, your water, your lands.
Use and abuse your people in the name of terrorism.
You accept our list of terrorist organizations.
And you fight them with our help and weapons.
Yes, Sir.

A voice of an angel says:
But they are taking our resources.
They are forming us into their slaves.
You say! You shut up. Evil spirit.
You did not see, you did not hear, you do not talk

And you do not listen to your prophets.
And to your books.
And you do not listen to your imams, sheiks,
To your bishops or priests.
But, why!
You say! Dare you ask why?
Because, they hate others.
Because, they are evil.
Because, they are fanatic.
Because, they refuse to share.
Because, they are terrorists.
Yes, Sir.

You will change your holy books.
You will change your way of praying.
You will control the preachers in your mosques,
And the homilies in your churches.
And treat them as inciters for terrorism.
Because, no more satanic verses against US.
Yes, Sir.

A voice of an angel:
But these imams and priests love their country.
Their people have suffered under different occupations.
They do not trust after thousands of failed promises.
They are many times the conscience of the people.
You say! Shut up, evil spirit. You should not talk.

You will open your markets to Israeli products.
You will acknowledge the right of Israel to buy your lands,
And to settle in your lands.
And get free access everywhere and anywhere.
You do not say, why Israel has weapons of mass destruction.
And you do not speak about it on your media.
Yes, Sir.

And, If you do all the above,
And  fight for us terrorism,
The map that shows you the ROAD,
Yes, the road to freedom is yours.

And as a priest, sometimes ...many times ...
I wonder, I weep and I pray for justice and truth.