Second Sunday of Advent (C)

For Luke, disciple of St. Paul and a doctor, a kind of scientific work about the life of Jesus is important to make his Gospel talk to the Jews, the Gentiles and the future generations. He said on the prologue of what he called his first book (his second one is the Actes of the Apostles) "I too have decided, after investigating everything accurately anew, to write it down in an orderly sequence" Luke 1: 3. He brings then names to make the birth of Jesus as part of world's history. In fact, Tiberius Caesar as emperor of Rome, Pontius Pilate as Governor of Judea, Herod as tetrarch of Galilee, and then Annas and Caiaphas as high priests bring us to the year 27 A.D. The other names Philip and Lysanias, John and the Roman names of the regions confirm that. All these names tells us that a historical Jesus entered history. Historians cannot deny his presence.
Then the Gospel tells us about the divine origin of Jesus through first hand witnesses who lived these events. Theologians and Holy Scripture scholars will explore then for us the reality of Jesus' miraculous conception and birth.
Advent is righty this: looking behind to find what is in front of us: A historical Jesus, Savior of the world.
Advent takes us back in time to the origin of our beings as Christians and brings to us the future of what we should be: Children of God and his messengers in the world: Prepare the way of the Lord.
Advent is this time when we encounter history and theology in our preparation for the day of the Incarnation of God, called commonly Christmas. We look back to history and we find today a living Jesus in us.
Advent is the time that through some names we find ourselves as authority or servant, as poor or rich, as scholars, priests or simple person and we compare ourselves with the lives of the upmentioned names and find out how we are preparing ourselves to the Birth of the Lord. Will we refuse him or accept and receive him?
Advent is the time that helps us to think with many people who have read these same verses that we are reading in today's mass and see how they have lived these important event of the fulfillment of the prophecies about the divine Messiah.
Advent is the time that can find us able to read what the Fathers of the Church have said about the Day of the Lord.
Advent is the time where we read about St. John the Baptist recalling the words of prophet Isaiah "Prepare a way for the Lord. Build him straight highway.
Origin of Alexandria a Father of the church in the second and third century (183-253) comments on the above words of Isaiah and St. John the Baptist saying: "What way shall we prepare for the Lord? A way by land? Could the Word of God travel such a road? Is it not rather a way within ourseves that we have to prepare for the Lord? Is it not a straight and level highway in our hearts that we are to make ready? Surely this is the way by which the Word of God enters, a way that exists in the spaciousness of the human body. The human heart is vast, broad and capacious, if only it is pure".
May Advent help us to share with the Immaculate Conception the great mistery of God's love to the world. He sent his only son "so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life". Jn. 3: 16