Why I do suffer
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time (B)

The First ready from the book of Job reminds us of the problem of suffering. Mainly at the time of Jesus as before, the only explanation of suffering is a punishment of God for sin. What about innocent people, children, good people, saints, us a normal people who did not do that much harm to be sometimes facing cancer, kidney failures, amputations because of diabetes or accidents at homes, work or street?

Here we come to some questions: why then the first Christians have suffered so much during the persecutions, why the saints have suffered so terribly when they are doing the will of God?

Jesus will come with the answer. I am the INNOCENT, the LORD and I have to suffer to save the world. If you want to be my followers, there is no other way than accept to do the same work of mine. The Holy Mother Mary did not do anything that deserve that she should suffer.

Jesus will come to heal the suffering people from different kinds, in the Gospel of today two kinds are mentioned, a physical one with the mother-in-law of Peter, and the possessed by demons (not one demon, but many). Jesus will heal, but also will ask us to share.
The world cannot be healed without people offering their daily cross for the sake of the world. We have been called to be the light of the world which means that by burning we can light the many darkness.

Saint Paul will say in today reading the First to the Corinthians: 'Although I am free in regard to all (he was a Roman citizen with a lot of privileges at the difference of others), I have made myself a slave to all so as to win over as many as possible. To weak I became a weak ...I have become all things to all ... all this I do for the sake of the gospel ". What an example of love to Jesus the Lord. St. Paul's love to Jesus calls him, like all saints to share.

Why I suffer? St. Theresa the little flower responds because "I love Jesus that much that I want to share with him in saving the world. So, Jesus give me some so as to show you my love."
 A lot of us do that, we share the suffering of the persons that we love and we feel proud and happy to do it because we love that person: a boy or girl friend, a husband or awife, a son or  daughter, a brother, sister or neighbor.
Why I suffer, because as a real Christian I accept to share with the person who suffered with me, the person who is my real love: Jesus Christ.