Poisoning and sterilizing school girls in the Palestinian
January 9, 2003

Somebody was rightly agry about people saying the following:

"poisoning and sterilizing school girls in the Palestinian
cities, injecting the Palestinian babies with AIDS virus, and many other
inhuman holocaust types of methods"???????????????????????????

This is fear mongering at its worst. smacks too much of old style anti-semitism where the Jews ate Christian babies on passover. Or was that on the Sabbath? No, i think it was on week-days, and they rested on the Sabbath.


Dear Friends:

I think that we should not put things that are not verified and could be used to hate each other. It is not fair and cannot help anybody.

I believe that the Alliance mission should be:
Working with people who can believe that we children of the same GOD, Jews, Christian, Muslims (as children of Abraham), Buddhist, Hindous....can form a wonderful world of love if we try to destroy in us what makes us selfish and think that we are better than others.

If we try to love, to cooperate, to share and to walk hand in hand and educate the children to respect every single person, then I think that we can start to see less wars and less hatred and less divisions.

If we, here in the USA, can build harmony, love, sharing and cooperation between Arabs and Jews, then I think that we can say that we have accomplished what we are called for as ALLIANCE ...and tell our peoples in the Holy Land: "If we can do it in a democratic country, the USA, we should be able to do it in Israel-Palestine...

I want to help to build this in San Francisco.
I am now the pastor of St. Thomas More on Brotherhood Way, my nearest friends are the Jewish community that I cooperate with and wish to create a festival one day that can bring the children of Abraham the Jews, Christians and Muslims to celebrate together their love, cooperation, and sharing.
I want to see a lot of families and children who hug each other and say we WANT TO LOVE EACH OTHER.
After all we are all Americans and we want to build LOVE and be a ROLE MODEL for our home countries.

I think that the discussion groups should start to work for that.
HERE IN THE USA we should build one community of LOVE and SHARING ... divisions outside should not hurt us, ON THE CONTRARY should bring us together to say we want to build the FUTURE.

If we build the FUTURE here in the USA, and I hope that I can contribute for that in the San Francisco, then we have done a GREAT JOB.


They have tried hatred, separation, division and for years and years, and it did not work. LET US TRY THE OTHER WAY: to love, share and cooperate.

BECAUSE our God, the GOD OF ABRAHAM: the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is the God of LOVE.
And only GOD of LOVE

Your friend,
Fr. Labib Kobti
Al-Bushra webiste