September 15, 2001

On September 11, I was in Warsaw in Poland with Globus Agency in a Trip To Russia and Northern Europe. We were a
group 33 Americans and 6 Australians.

The Taxis were telling us about something happening in the USA, as we could not understand Polish Language, we felt that
something big happened to our country. We rushed to our rooms and we followed on the CNN what everybody saw and we
were shocked, depressed, sad and so unhappy that we could not stop weeping. I went to the halls and called people to come
for a prayer.

The day after our left for Berlin, Germany. I was so sad. I have never wept in my life like these days. Every time I used to see a
big building, a group of people, or looked to my American friends in the group I had tears in my eyes.

This tremendous act of terrorism destroyed all our joys and will to continue our trip.
I contacted our church at St. John of God in San Francisco and St. Anne's and tried to confront people. They tried to confront
me also.

This act of terrorism should be condemned by all people and I hope that our country the USA will be very wise in not killing
innocent people. Killing any innocent people will not honor our people killed in New York and Washington. Any act of
violence will not help us to mourn our innocent people.

Father Labib Kobti