Third Sunday of Advent
How my up coming Christmas will be?
Fr. Labib  Kobti

Christmas is just in few days. You have been taken by many things: gifts for your family, for your children, for your friends; lights here and there and everywhere; decorations and off course the upcoming surprise of Santa day.

St. Paul says to us in  this Third Sunday of Advent: "Do not quench the Spirit ... Retain what is good. Refrain from every kind of evil. May God of peace make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Tessalonians  5:19-24

I have worked hard for years preaching and serving in ministry. I have been priest for over 27 years. I discovered that the only person that I can convert almost myself. I cannot force anybody to change his life, if it does not come from themselves.

You can make yourself ready for the day of the Incarnation of the Lord. Do not expect anybody to make it for you. You can make this time a special time of prayers, of mortification, of forgiving, of caring and of justice and truth. As well you can ignore everything and let yourself driven by the outside and quench the spirit and prevent God to preserve you blameless and make you perfectly holy, spirit, soul and body.

St. Origin of Alexandria (183-253) put it like this: "Let a way be prepared in our hearts for the Lord, a straight high way along which the Word and Wisdom of God may advance. Prepare a way for the Lord by living a good life and guard that way by good works. Let the word of God move in you unhindered and give you knowledge of his coming and his mysteries."

So, how my up coming Christmas will be?
It depends all on me and on me alone.
I can make it a wonderful day that would start special new year, 2003, for my entire life. As well I can forget about it and I should be the only person to be blamed if Christmas will be just an other day like may others in my life.