White House, please, restore on us what is AMERICAN

By Father Labib Kobti
August 10, 2002

Dear White House Administration and Congress:

As Americans who have voted for you to represent us and make our life as Americans better, we come to you with respect and open hearts to ask you some questions.

We do not have a problem that you support Israel, this has been your prerogative for over 54 years.

Our problem is that you represent us, Americans, who have a Constitution that represent our hopes and our challenges. A Constitution that should be the rule of law inside and outside our American country.

Our problem is that you should, this is why we voted for you, to represent us by working with us for justice peace and truth.

You have worked hard to create an Israeli country for Jews. That is fine.

But, you used our American tax money to bring Jews from all over the world to come to Israel meanwhile prohibiting the Palestinians the Right of Return.

You have used our tax-money to give Israel the most sophisticated American weapons and have not criticized the misuse of these weapons in the Occupied Territories.  Nor, have you criticized the collective punishment of the Palestinian population which is causing rampant nutrition and health problems among Palestinian children as one of our important US and an other UN report have stated.

To continue the occupation, Israel is supposedly fighting terror, by killing children and women with American tanks, F-16s, Apache Helicopters and prohibiting human rights activist and Congress to visit or investigate on what is really happening on the ground. Last week Israel refused even entry to US Congressional Staff Delegation

My beloved country, the USA uses its power to veto the international consensus sometimes 14 against 1 (our vote) in the UN.

We closed our eyes on what the Israeli government has been doing for over 54 years against the Palestinians and the Israeli Arabs. Yet we have always supported Israelis and Jews when they have demanded equal rights, in the countries where they live.

Dear elected officials, we are not asking you not to stand with Israel or not to support Israel. We are asking you to open your eyes, please, and stand with what is right, what is true, what is just, what is fair, what works for peace.
You cannot say all what we want is to be reelected and the way to do that we support these who stand with our campaigns. It is just unfair. A lot of Americans have no money. They are the silent MAJORITY that you should stand with. You should not stand with who pays more. It is not fair for you, for our country, for our future and it is not faire for justice, peace and TRUTH.
Some of you have expressed that, they said in private to many people who came to talk to them: We should stop doing that. I mean, stop supporting who pay more. You have a mission, your mission is given to you by God, by the People and by your conscience.
You cannot forget about the great Silent MAJORITY who cannot pay money but can pay with votes, if you stand with what is fair, right and good. Ask you conscience, are you doing that?

We just ask you to be pro-justice, pro-peace, pro-truth. Is it a lot requesting from you, our beloved elected officials?

You have worked to created an independent country for the Jews and continue to support it. We have no problem with that.

BUT it is time NOW and immediately that you support justice, fairness and truth with Israel and the Palestinians.

1) You are destroying the so called democratic country you created when closing your eyes to the injustices perpetrated on the Palestinians with American weapons.

2) You are destroying the future of Jews all over the world and nourishing anti-Semitism when you silence the voices calling on Israel to respect International Law and UN resolutions.

3) You are making the lives of our Israeli and Jewish friends difficult. As well, you are making our lives, as Americans, difficult, when we see ourselves the only country in the world vetoing the international consensus for a just solution in the region.

We cannot support Israel and be at the same time pro-justice, pro-truth and pro-peace. There is an inherent contradiction in the terms of the wording.

We want to support Israel the right way:

a) Call on Israel to respect immediately UN Resolutions in the same manner which we, as Americans, demand other countries respect UN Resolutions. Double standards cannot prevail, they tarnish America's name all over the world.

b) Israel cannot use American weapons to occupy a country, or collectively punish a whole population in the name of security.  An entire population has been under curfew for over forty days. Israel is killing innocent people as well.

With you we want to love our country, the USA, the right way.

It seems to us that:

Your support of Israel made us the most hated people in the world.
They call us "arrogant Americans," "stupid Americans," "capitalist Americans," and "thieves" ... when we are good people, people looking for democracy, freedom, prosperity, human rights, justice and truth.

Please restore to us Americans our history, our freedom, our democracy and the love and appreciation of the world of what as American is.

Restore the Constitution.