Difference between resistance and Terrorism
October 23, 2001

Dear Father,
I absolutely agree.  But, I also agree that Palestinians should not be throwing rocks at Jews and bombing them either. It continues to be a two-way street. Does it not?
God bless you.

Dear Smith

1) The Palestinians are throwing stones in their cities occupied by Israeli forces and not in Tel-Aviv against the Israeli Occupation. The UN Charters, the Geneva conventions and La Hague charters speak about the right of people to resist occupation by all means.
In fact the Church even support the right of resistance:
The Patriarchs of Jerusalem have affirmed that “it is the right and the duty of an occupied people to struggle against injustice in order to gain their freedom.” At the same time, they also asserted that “nonviolent means remain stronger and more
efficient.” (Patriarchs, Nov. 2000).
Please visit also http://www.al-bushra.org/right/0right.html

2) I agree that Palestinians should not go to Israel and kill people, this criminal.
But listen to what some people have said about that:
"When you start knocking down buildings with bulldozers, don't expect people not to respond to this kind of activity. When you start announcing more settlement activity, this does not create conditions that would cause the other be less responsive or less violent." Colin Powell, July 15, 2001
* * Palestinians want peace with ISRAEL as a STATE and not with ISRAEL as an OCCUPATION.
* * "We have only to go to Lebanon ...to witness firsthand the intense hatred among many people for the United States, because we bombed and shelled and unmercifully killed totally innocent villagers, women and children and farmers and housewives, in those villages around Beirut...as a result, we have become a kind of Satan in the minds of those who are deeply resentful. That is what precipitated the taking of hostages and that is what has precipitated some terrorist attacks" Jimmy Carter, N Y Times, 3/26/1989
* * "Jimmy Carter took Bush to task for not pressuring Israel to withdraw from Gaza Strip, not opposing settlement activity" Assted Press 25 July 01

3) A the Bible say:
* *"Thus says the Lord God of Israel: You shed blood, yet you would keep possession on the land? You rely on your sword, you do abominable things...yet you would keep possession of the land? ... Prophet EZEKIEL 33:25-28
* * "And Jesus said: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you ... Luke 6:27-38)

We need to see things from the eyes of TRUTH.

Do you support the killing of innocent Afghans and the over 5 million Afghani Refugees and starving, do you support the death of over 1,500 Iraqi children since the sanctions imposed on them...

And if these people are angry like us, the People of the USA because of the 6:000 BELOVED innocent People New York and Washington ...and give our government the right to kill people who did not choose their own government (because the Taliban soldiers have also families and they are obeying to their rulers...) then how we dare saying that the Palestinians has no right to throw stones against the LONGEST Occupation of a country in amodern times, and who build SETTLEMTS everywhere ANYWHERE on the Palestinian soil.

Yes, we are against any kind of killings or violence and as Patriarch Sabbah of Jerusalem wrote to the Israelis on October 20, 2001, I believe it is up to the Israelis to stop violence:
"To the Israeli people we say: you merit also security and peace. We wish you security and peace. In everybody and in everyone of you we see the dignity which derives from that of God and which is a gift to every human person being Palestinian or Hebrew. The key of death or peace is in your hands and in that of the government you have elected. It is the government that can open or close the gates of death. It is the government that can give you peace or take it away from you. Those who today fight eachother and are thrown into the abyss of death have the right to live and enjoy security. Therfore, it depends on your government to put an end to all occupation that has been pressing upon the Palestinians during decades from this part, depriving them from their dignity and liberty. The United Nations have formulated regulations as base of peace. It would be sufficient to implement them. "

With love and respect,

Father Labib