Father Labib Kobti
June 28, 2002

The world was different.
And the Mass Media actually started being objective in their reporting.

1) What if the media stayed objective and stuck facts on the Israeli issues?
What if they told us the truth, that Israel is the sole occupying power left in the world and that the Palestinians are just resisting foreign domination over them?
What if the media told everyone that under international law, Palestinians have the right to resist the occupation?
What if they reported that the UN Resolutions 242 and 338 call for the IMMEDIATE withdrawal of the Occupied Territories by the ISRAELI army and that Resolution was ignored, misinterpreted, misused, vetoed and abused in front of the
silence of the powers on earth?
And that the Resolutions 181 and 192 call for the right of return of the Palestinians and Israel refuse to the Palestinian this right and call all Jews of the world to settle in Palestine everywhere anywhere?
What if the media told the world that Israel stands in defiance of the Geneva Conventions, United Nations Security Resolutions and any acceptable standard
of international conduct?

2) What if the media told the masses the truth about America's "unbiased" stand on the issue of justice and peace in the region?
That the United States will stand united with all of Israel interests more than with its own American interests.
Imagine if the media illustrated clearly how the United States is giving money and weapons to the Israeli war machine and this money is being used to kill Palestinians, to besiege them and destroy their infrastructure.
That this money is used to build Settlements, bypass roads and now the wall of separation, a new "BERLIN WALL" in the twenty-first century, which will turn the occupied territories into a large jail with over 3 million prisoners.
Imagine if the media reported that this devastation is done with American tax dollars to protect settlers living illegally on Palestinian land?
Imagine if the media showed how the daily life of a Palestinian is a nightmare, akin to any horror movie, paid, produced and directed with American tax dollars.

What if they say that this money and the many kind of weapon did not give peace, security and worked for a better future to many innocent Jews?
What if they say it clearly that the money and the weapons are killing both innocent Israelis and Palestinians and that the weapons have been used sometime to experiment how they kill and how devastation they can bring?
Not all the Israelis are innocent people, not all the Palestinians are bad, as mainly it have been reported so far.
What if the whole world, specifically the US, spoke out against the use of excessive force against the Palestinians?

What if the media paraded the hundreds upon hundreds of dead pictures of dead Palestinian children on the nightly news as they do with the innocent Israeli children and women and would say that more than three times Palestinian Children and women have been killed than Israeli ones?
How would Americans react to seeing Palestinian babies riddled with American bullets?
How would Americans react to seeing children who throw stones at tanks be shot down with American bought machine guns and assault weapons?
Imagine if the media showed pictures of the guns that Palestinian resistance fighters use next to the Israeli Occupation Army's helicopter, gunships, tanks, missiles and nuclear weapons?
Imagine if Americans knew that Israeli settlers are better equipped than the entire Palestinian Security forces.
Imagine if the media practiced journalism, legitimately, instead of becoming the propaganda machine of a foreign country.

3) What if the Media started asking questions that needed to be asked?
What would happen if a reporter asked Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon or Shimon Peres why Jews from all over the world have the right to return to Israel after being displaced for 2000, 1000, 500, or 200, or 150 years and why Palestinians do not have that same right to return to their homes after being displaced for 50, 40, 30, 20 or 10 years?
What if the media touched on the fact that Israeli leaders like Barak, Rabin, Peres, Sharon, Gold Meir and Netanyahu are not originally from Palestine?
Wouldn't the world be shocked to hear that more than 95 of Israelis actually come from Russia, USA, Poland, Ethiopia and that they only came to Palestine 50,40,30,20,10 and 5 years ago?

The TRUTH came out
The TRUTH was repeated over and over.

Without a doubt, Palestinians have missed a lot of opportunities, in the past and present.
Without a doubt Palestinians have accepted what they have refused categorically in the past.
Without a doubt the Arab world is weak, unable to act as they should or could.
Without a doubt Europe let the Jews suffer and did not attempt to halt the violent anti-Semitism of the past.
Without a doubt the United States knows that the Israeli occupation of Palestinians is depraved and violent beyond belief, and does not attempt to stop it.

The story of yesterday silence of Europe and the USA is repeated today.

Imagine if all that have been said honestly by the Media.
Imagine if the world knew the horrors that Zionism caused the Palestinian people from the very beginning.

This would never have escalated to the boiling point it has now.

Image if the silence of the world's sole superpower, their unwavering support of the atrocities committed under the guise of Zionism and the Zionist hegemony would have been reported from the very beginning.

Would President Bush have had the courage to have his discourse and vision on June 24th, 2002 the way he did?
Would the US Congress support Israel more than protecting US interests?
Americans would change their perception of Israel if the media did its job and reported FACTS OBJECTIVELY.
If the media told the truth, the US would feel more obligated to support justice and peace in the Holy Land, and the time would come when we told Israel, enough is enough.

And be assured that the world will be safer.

The USA would be safer and would truly lead the world in human rights, peace and justice, rather than merely paying lip service to these ideals.
The UN would be more respected in the world.
Israel would be safer. Israelis could focus on things beside security. In a world of justice and truth the Israeli children would play with Palestinian Muslim and Christian children.
Palestinians would have hope, hope to build a future with their neighbors, the Israelis.

Until then, we can only imagine...

But can we wait?
Should we wait?
Or the so many "ifs" cannot bring a chance to see a future?

The time has come to coordinate our efforts with the Jewish communities in the USA, and to work hand in hand with those who share our vision of truth and justice.

Many Jewish peace organizations do not agree with what Israel, the USA and the world are doing to the Palestinians and sincerely seek justice and peace for the Palestinians.

Imagine if we worked hand in hand with them to change the reality of Palestinians and Israelis?
Imagine if we shared our experiences with theirs and spoke to the Congress.
Imagine if we united and demanded that the US stop its one sided policy to change the reality of Palestinians and Israelis.
Imagine if we let Jews speak with different Jewish or pro-Israeli PACS, letting Jews speak to Jews.

We know we cannot, as Arabs or Palestinians, do it alone.
We know that we failed to see the power of the Zionists, and we did not mobilize sooner.

Now, what we are waiting for?

The Jews, when they understood the American system and penetrated it, worked from inside the system and influenced it.
We need to do the same.

We need to understand how the Zionist system works, and try to work within that system.
When we can open up ardent Zionists to the fact that the human rights of the Palestinians and the injustices perpetrated against them are wrong, and that the suffering is wrong, then perhaps there can be a change.
Then their will be a better future for Israelis and Palestinians.
Dialogue with Jews is the key. We must speak to even those that we find most alarming and radical.

Imagine if we do all that ...
I think then a change will happen sooner than later, just imagine if ...